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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

April 25, 2013

Thomas asks…

How do these cars rate BMW X5 (year2004) and VOLVO XC 90 (year 2004)?

Also the BMW Touring (year 2003) as an alternative. I am considering either of these cars to buy. Any ideas ?

Administrator answers:

I’d go for the Volvo.


Mary asks…

Which SUV is the best to have?

I am looking to trade my Jeep Liberty.I want something with decent gas mileage a good ride,and looks good.I have looked at the Infiniti FX35 and the BMW X5.Anyone have any thoughts to help me out?

Administrator answers:

I like the FX more than the BMW. It looks like it has more style.

But if you want something in that range, look at a Lexus RX or a Benz GL450 too. The Audi Q series are pretty nice also. Ford Escape is an option if you want a hybrid.

Betty asks…

Where Can I put Axle Stands on a BMW x5? I cant seem to find the axle points?

I dont want to damage the underside of the car, Where is the best place to put axle stands under neath the car? Is it ok under the Chasis?

Administrator answers:

If you look under the vehicle right behind the front wheels and right in front of the rear wheels there are square plastic blocks. Those are the lift/support points, you can lift the vehicle there.

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