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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

April 27, 2013

William asks…

my BMW X5 has suddenly started blowing out lots of white smoke that smells like its bruning oil. any ideas?

The car is not overheating, plus the coolant levels are fine. However is using alot of oil.

Administrator answers:

I’m assuming this is an E-53 X5. If it’s cold by you, your crankcase vent valve probably froze and is forcing oil into the piston area. Look under your oil cap, and if you see a decent amount of yellowish gunk. Then chances are that that is the case. However, there is a vacuum test that the dealerships can do to check the pressure within the engine to confirm that that is definately at fault. If it is the case, the vent valve and all associated hoses need to be replaced with an updated cold package. A recheck is necessary, meaning there may be more involved. This if bad enough can cause engine damage and failure. But in most cases, the valve will fix it, and the oil within just has to be burned off.

Steven asks…

How much is it to repair?

The reflector on the rear bumper of the 07′ BMW x5 pricey no?

Administrator answers:

That shouldn’t be no more than 50 bucks, call your BMW dealer ask them for the price, you need your Vin number before you call.

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