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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

September 1, 2012

Laura asks…

Want to buy a used BMW X5, opinions please…?

I’m contemplating on a used 2002-2004 BMW X5, I want to know how reliable and would it be expensive to maintain this vehicle? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Expensive yes to maintain, stop at your local dealer and ask em how much they charge for inspection i, and inspection ii, service on that car, along with hourly labor, oil changes, brakes, and don’t freak out when they tell ya the prices

Michael asks…

Would it be a good idea for me to get a BMW x5?

I’m 17 and i’m doing my exams in june sought of time and i asked my dad if i get good grades can i get a good car like an x5. Obviously not a brand new one but 2nd hand at a good price. Would this be a good idea, i love 4×4 any other good 4×4

Administrator answers:

If you have to pay for anything (payments, maintenance, or especially insurance), I would absolutely not get this car. I am personally 22 and drive a 5 series sedan. The insurance alone is over $1,000 every six months and regular maintenance is not cheap. If you dad plans to pay for everything until you’re out of school, the absolutely go for it. Otherwise, I’d suggest something like a Jeep Wrangler or a Ford Escape. Both are relatively inexpensive and do not cost an arm and a leg to maintain. I used to drive a Toyota Highlander and if you are looking for something bigger than those two, I would absolutely recommend this car as well.

Mandy asks…

How do I make my 2004 BMW X5 3.0 faster?

I have an automatic 2004 BMW X5 3.0i, and i’m looking to make it faster…how?

Administrator answers:

There is hundred of options, and all of them depends on your budget, you can get a Twin Turbo Kit for around $6500 USD parts only + some custom weld + labor + ecu tune + dyno.

It all about money, you can use a car performance simulator[1] to virtually try different tuning options on your car and see how it improves by different mods to help you decide

Charles asks…

Porsche Cayenne is less expensive than BMW X5 in Canada?

That’s what it seems from the websites just wondering if I’m wrong.

Administrator answers:

It depends where in the countries, some states/provinces have no tax and some have 15% which is a significant amount

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