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Your Questions About Bmw X5 M

August 17, 2012

Ruth asks…

My BMW x5 don’t start I’m getting no spark or fuel ingction?

Administrator answers:

Frank, BMW is a serious automobile, i would suggest you take it to independent mechanic or check actual BMW forums on the net, dont take peoples guessing on yahoo answers

Linda asks…

Which car should I buy? The Benz M class Or the BMW X5? Can anyone give me Pros and Cons?

My Budget is around 50k, both seems pretty good, but i have no idea about their pros and cons

Experts out there, Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

Ether one you will b happy with…ur gonna get some comments that will b dissing both comp. Dont listen to them…there both high class great cars…i would choose the X5 because it looks a lot better and with BMW you might get better service and/or warranty.

Ken asks…

2010 BMW X5 M Bumper Cover On A 2002 BMW X5?

I was wondering if i got a 2010 BMW X5 M if i could cutamize my 2002 BMW X5 by adding the bumper to it because i dont know if it will fit if not could i cut it?

Administrator answers:

Probably not because the cars are different shape and size, so I guess you could custom fabricate one but that could get pricey.

Chris asks…

I have a 2003 BMW x5. What does the m/s mean on the gear shifter?

It goes

m/s —- move shifter to the left when in drive

and then shift up or down for gear changes. i know that is steptronic, but when you first push the shifter left, the dash board says m/s but not what gear im on.

what does it stand for. is it sports mode

Administrator answers:

Yes, it’s in ‘S’port mode.

Now you can ‘M’anually select the gear you want, by going up and down. You then see the ‘S’ disappear and the gear number appears.

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