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Your Questions About Bmw X5 Price

September 5, 2012

Helen asks…

Trade-In Value is higher than price of new car?

I am going to trade in my BMW X5 for a brand new Honda Civic (i know..i have to). The trade in value of the X5 will be higher than the price of the Honda Civic. Will the dealer pay me back the different?

Administrator answers:

Yes they will, provided you own the vehicle out right. If not, they will pay it to the bank that has the title.

Your best bet is to sell it private though. You will lose big time money on trading in at a dealer.

Jenny asks…

BMW X5 Servicing Costs?

I have booked my 4 year old X5 in for servicing but they cannot give me a price until I go there with the key — just wondering if anyone knew how much roughly a service would be? (on board computer doesn’t seem to have any faults etc) and it has been serviced before but not by me.

Administrator answers:

Depends where your taking it, ( back street garage, BMW agents ) What service is being carried out on it etc, and if they find anything wrong with it, however they should be able to give you an approx price of what it should cost, if they carry out additional work tell them to contact you before the work is carried out, dont let them think you have an open cheque book

John asks…

04′ Porsche Cayenne or 04′ BMW X5?

I love both 2004 Porsche Cayenne’s and X5‘s but which do you think is better for a guy? And what color would you get for it?
One more thing, what’s the price range for these cars?
Please include some sites with these cars if you can

Administrator answers:

Tough question.

Porsche Cayenne
- Looks
- Performence
- Brand Name

- Price
- Comfort
- Low maintnance required.
- Family friendly×5.htm


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