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Your Questions About Bmw X5 Price

November 28, 2012

Joseph asks…

im almost 16 and im not sure what to get… car tuck suv? HELP!! ideas!!!? i?

im almost 16 and im not sure what to get… car tuck suv? HELP!! ideas!!!?
im almost 16 and i dont know what kind of car to get….money is not a problem…and im going to get something new… i need something good in the winter/snow… car…truck..suv..? i like suv’s a lot…and trucks….and if i were to get a car…something sporty (??awd coupe?? awd retractable roof??)…any price…anything…just help with ideas…
and im not looking for stupid remarks…i want ideas…for cars to look at that match what i have said above
and no subaru’s…i dont want a subaru..

here is what i have been thinking:
chevy: 2010 equinox/traverse/Tahoe
Cadillac: 2010 srx/ escallade
Lexus: rx
BMW: x3, x5
mercedes: ml class, gl class. g500
for trucks:
Chevy silverado…2500 or 3500
for cars:
no sedans… either coupe or retractable roof…(awd?)

Administrator answers:

If your gonna be driving in the snow I wouldn’t get a car. Get a 4×4 truck/suv. The Tahoe is a good choice. And I also agree that if you get a truck, get a diesel.

Betty asks…

Car dealer gave me wrong registration?

Hi, I leased a BMW in Virginia back in 2007 and at the time, my dealership messed up my registration. They registered a X5 VIN in my name whereas my car is a 3 series coupe. I brought this to their attention at that time and they said that they will fix it and that i can drive my car till then. I checked with them a month later and frequently in between for a little while, but they never fixed it. Earlier this year in June my two year registration expired and i went to them to renew it since it was a wrong vehicle. Again they said they will fix it, but they have not done so till now. They took away my plates and i gave me temp tags to use till they fix it. I have been asking them for temp tags for the last six months since they have still not fixed my registration.

I am really upset since-
1. I paid a good price for the car and the service is lousy.
2. I have to drive on temp tags all the time which i am sure no one likes
3. I have to remember to renew my temp tags each month.
4. I have already gotten two “expired registration” tickets since i did not remember to renew my temp tags on time.
5. Overall really frustrated at paying for the mistakes committed by the dealership and their “dont care” attitude.

Is there any way i can sue them and make them accountable for their mistakes and attitude.


Administrator answers:

Anyone can sue anybody for any reason under the sun. You would do better to report this to the Virginia DMV and their dept of transportation and to the office of consumer protection and to the BBB and to the dealers association that the dealer almost certainly belongs to. “The squeaky wheel gets greased”

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