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Your Questions About Bmw X5 Price

March 2, 2013

Maria asks…

Running costs of a Range Rover and other 4×4′s?

After having a company car for 11 years I now face being transferred to a ‘Cash Car Allowance Scheme. As a result, I will lose the company car, but receive a cash allowance instead so that I can buy my own vehicle.

Obviously this has its advantages and its pitfalls, but it allows me to buy a car of up to £30,000 (there is no age limit) over 5 years. So, by putting a small amount to it I can get a 4 year old Range Rover Vogue which has a new list price of £80K. This more than suits my needs as a vehicle as I could get away with most 4×4′s such as X5, Merc ML, Land Cruiser, etc…. but the Range Rover has more appeal to me.

However, what are the costs of running one of these in terms of repairs and maintenance? I know the the 3.6D V8 does 30mpg and tyres cost £300 each, but I am thinking about repairs to engine components, servicing etc…

Are Range Rovers in the same cost class as Bently’s, BMW‘s or Vauxhalls?


Administrator answers:

The Range Rover overall running cost is just over a pound a mile, not cheap.

At four years old you’ll be looking at a mileage of around 40,000+, that means you are getting into the first major services, around £400 for a basic service. Timing belts, there’s two of them, need changing at 105,000 or seven years, £800.

If your budget is £30k why not go for a nearly new Freelander 2 HSE, they are almost as well equiped as the Rangey, incredibly comfortable and well behaved cars that are now around the same size as the old ‘classic’ Range Rovers and just as capable.

Don’t let anybody on here tell you how bad Freelander 2′s are, they’re still living in the days of the first Freelander, which wasn’t the best! The 2 is very sorted and the class leader.

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