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March 17, 2013

George asks…

BMW 330 XI coolant float dropped out of guide and is in two pieces.?

BMW 330 XI coolant float dropped out of guide and is in two pieces. The the long skinny stick part and the float separated and are down in the filling tube shaft. I can see both parts but can’t get them out. Can these two parts cause any damage to the engine while driving? The shop won’t be open until Monday.

Administrator answers:

No as long as the parts arent small enough to be sucked into the coolant system it will be fine to fix this problem you may have to remove your resevoir tank to try and retrieve it or you may need to replace the tank. It will cost you about $60 on the internet or about $180 from the dealer

Maria asks…

What price to pay for bmw xi coupe 2012 ,which is metallic gray.?

Administrator answers:

Get the car one year used and it will be like 50% less.
Don’t buy new cars.

Michael asks…

How to open gas tank in a 2008 bmw 328 xi?

i read the book and everything and i can’t find the button or thing to open the gas tank. Theres so many buttons and switchs all over it. Can anyone tell me where the thing is.

Administrator answers:

Just push your gas tank’s after you push the cover, it’ll like “click” open. But make sure that the car is unlock, if it’s lock, then you’ll won’t be able to unlock the cover. Also when you close it back, make sure you push the cover back down all the way or else it’ll still stick out.

Hope that helps.

David asks…

Where can I find a Engine Diagram for a 03′ BMW 325 Xi – Specifically the radiator?

I have a problem with the radiator in my car and I need a detailed diagram to see what parts actually need to be changed out.

Administrator answers:

I think this is what your looking for, but if not it may help you anyway:

Sandy asks…

Which car would you choose between a 2002 BMW 325-xi or a 2003 Accura TL?

I have a $10k car budget to spend and have narrowed my choice to these 2 options that I have found available in my area and in my range. What are the pros and cons of these cars? Any other similar cars that I may have overlooked that I might like?

Administrator answers:

Well i might have a bias against bmw since im not big fan of them and a huge fan of acuras. I know a bmw cause 3x or more to fix the car so if you have a tight budget i wouldnt recommend buying a bmw. A tl is more fuel efficent that a bmw. Another car you might try is the acura tsx. Similar to tl but its not as fast and it cost less.

Joseph asks…

what type of oil to I use in my 525 xi bmw 2006?

the car computer requested that I add oil I dont know what grade or type of oil is used.

Administrator answers:

Check your owners manual but a decent quality 5-30 oil should be fine. If you’ve used a quart you may have enough mileage to need to change the oil.

John asks…

where is the egr valve in a 2003 bmw 325 xi?

service engine soon light came on 2003 bmw 325xi. took it to advance auto that said it was reading the motor was running lean. filled gas tank up and when starting engine it started shaking. engine making a noise like air is escaping near air filter and looks like its coming from a black box. not sure what this box is or why its making a hissing noise.

Administrator answers:

Most of our used BMW parts are priced from 52% to 85% off the current BMW list price — and all Bavarian parts are cleaned, tested, and Guaranteed. Please call us for the specific BMW interchange, the part’s exact condition, all available warranties,

***Lifetime Warranty***
All of our BMW parts are tested by a Bavarian technician before dismantling – and are cleaned and inspected again before shipping. After the part passes a thorough inspection, we qualify it for the Bavarian Lifetime Warranty. All used BMW parts come standard with our 6-month, unlimited mileage warranty at no extra charge. One year or Lifetime Warranties are available at the time of purchase or at any time before the Standard Warranty expires.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help. are committed to providing you with consistently high quality BMW parts, and excellent customer support after the sale. If you know someone that might need a BMW part from our BMW catalog, please click the “Tell-a-friend” link to forward the page link. Your loyalty is our life-blood, and is very much appreciated.

Donna asks…

Should I get a ’06 MERCEDES C class 4MATIC or ’06 BMW 3 xi?

I’m considering on of these 2 car options, both cars are similiar in luxury and price in the certified car market. I’ve done lots of online reading about reliability of the Merc vs the BMW, BMW seems ahead there, but the Merc seems like a nicer car, my head is spinning on the options.

Both are the entry level models and I can’t/won’t buy new, but certified programs on both seem good. Any advice for those you have owned either or both models, similar years?

Administrator answers:

Well it depends how old you are. Mercedes tends to appeal more to those over 40. BMW is more of a sporty kind of car for younger people (under 40).

Both are great cars, although frankly Mercedes are struggling to regain their reputation as a reliable car. At one time they were bullet proof, but they are not as good as they used to be.

BMW have made some amazing improvements in reliability, getting a number of awards in that area in more recent years.

Finally, when it comes to the 3 series, it is still the benchmark by which all other vehicles are judged in that segment.

The only concern I have is that in 2006, they had a 325 and 330. These were replaced by more powerful 328 and 335 models in 2007. I fear that if you get the 325ix with the power sapping four wheel drive, the car will be a little underpowered, which is why they stopped making that model after just one year. If you are looking at the 330ix then there should be no problem.

Consider too that the 2009 model is out any time now. Maybe you can afford the ’07 model now.

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