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Your Questions About Bmw Xi

May 12, 2013

Linda asks…

Where can i buy a rear license plate mount for my 2006 3 series BMW xi? Holes don’t match up.?

Administrator answers:

You might have to make new holes. If the car was made in Germany, then they have different shape license plates then america has.

Mark asks…

The Brake and ADB indicators have simaltenously turned on for my 2002 BMW 325 XI. What could be the cause?

The manual says to drive carefully and consult a BMW dealer as soon as possible. It seems like a failure of ADB/ASC-T braking system.

I want to know the cause and what it might entail to fix this before I go to the dealer.

Administrator answers:

I’ve had this happen on a chevy with just the Brake light. A sensor in the combination valve might have set off the warning lamp. Sometimes after brake work, the lines are off balance and the car computer thinks you have lost pressure in one of your brake systems. Sometimes its a matter of stepping on the brake, starting the car, and then release and re-apply the brake pedal. Doing so releases any pressure, and then resets the metering pin in the system. Any manual is going to tell you to consult the dealer if a light goes on. Ask a local tech at the dealer what might have set it off.

Laura asks…

07 BMW 335i or xi is there really a big difference in traction ?

i love the new bmw 335i coupe i am wondering if its really worth waiting untill late fall for the xi all wheel drive. the dealer is trying to tell me that i will be pleased in the traction control currently in the 335i. i think hes just trying to make a quick sale considering the vehicle is fifty grand with all the options i want. am i wrong in assuming this?? i really do like the car and if its true that the existing traction control is adequite i would buy right away.

Administrator answers:

Ask yourself this question. Why do you need all wheel drive? Is it because you frequently have difficulties climbing up a hill where you work/live during winter? Do you even plan to use this car in the winter??

Most people want all wheel drive because they live in the snow-belt and frequently experience traction problems.

I live in NH, believe me, it SNOWS here. I put on a set of winter tires on my BMW 328ci. In a year, I probably wished I had all-wheel-drive 2 out of 365 days. For the 363 days, I’m quite pleased with the car.

In fact, the accidents I see on the roads when it snows are mainly four-wheel-drive SUVs and even some Audi (with quattro all wheel drive). The reason being many of these owners think they are bullet-proof when it snows just because they have four/all wheel drive vehicle… And push their vehicle beyond sensible speeds and drive recklessly.

Also, many people are still ignorant to the fact that even if they have AWD, they still would need winter tires to be really safe. When there’s no grip, even if you have 6 wheels on your car with 6-wheel drive and it wouldn’t make any difference.

The DSC on my BMW works very well with my winter tires. And I would imagine you would find the same on yours.

The 335i is a nice powerful car. Why add the extra weight of an AWD system (which makes the car SLOWER and adds $$$ of extra gas money per year) if you’re only going to need the AWD system 2 days in a year? I’m not even saying that without AWD, you’ll be dead stuck for those 2 days, just drive sensibly and you’ll be fine.

If your reason for wanting AWD is not even related to snow driving (ie; if you believe the car handles in high speed curves better), I would disagree. BMW has been making “the ultimate driving machines” with RWD-only historically (only very few models had AWD). Go for the 335i.

Maintenance cost in the long run would probably be higher in the xi – because you now have more moving parts (extra drive shafts, joints…etc), and chances of having something failing would be higher.

If you want the xi, I’d get the 328xi instead. Because I feel the 335i engine would be a waste in the 335xi.

Good luck, and enjoy the car! I envy you :)

William asks…

Is 179,786 bad or good mileage for a used 2004 BMW 330xi Xi?

I’d like to know what you think. The car is priced at $8,450. And other then the mileage its in pretty good shape.

Administrator answers:

In my opinion pass this one up I work on these daily and they r just a headache with tht many miles and parts are so high it will be in the shop alot more than you think if it was me If I really wanted one find one with around 100,000 miles and no more so u at least got a while before your migraine kicks in

Donna asks…

what does the x stand for in bmw xi?

what does the x stand for…im looking to buy a bmw…most of the ones i see are bmw i’s but what does the x mean

Administrator answers:

In BMW models, the “x” means that it is all wheel drive.

I.e. A 330i is rear wheel drive, a 330xi is all wheel drive.

Lisa asks…

How to change BMW 325 xi headlight bulb?

Any manual or suggestion about how to change the 2001 325xi headlight bulb?

Administrator answers:

There is a plug in the back of the headlight assembly. Keep in mind that your car uses a seperate bulb for the high beam and low beam so you will need to find out which is which. I think the low beam is onthe outside, but I could be wrong so double check it. All you need to do it unplug the wire and turn the bulb assembly counter clockwise. This will realease the bulb assembly from the headlight surround. Then you just need to pull the bulb straight out to unplug it. Remember not to touch the glass of the bulb at all because the oil from your hands can cause excessive heat making the bulb eventually explode.

Betty asks…

I am thinking of buying a fully loaded 2005 BMW 325 xi(14K) that has a rebuilt title for $16,000 ?

Fully loaded, Winter Pkg. Sports Pkg. 17″ Wheels. Harmon Speakers. Very Clean. Repairs are done well. The front right fender and the hood has been replaced. Can I get insuranve and financing for this car? Thanks! I really apreciate your help.
Would you reccomend to do this?

Administrator answers:

Usually rebuilts are hard to sell, so if you buy and decide to resell
it won’t be easy. I probably wouldn’t, but I can see your temptation.
Good luck

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