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Your Questions About Bmw Xi

August 1, 2013

Steven asks…

Nissan Frontier or a BMW 2002 XI for an 18 year old guy?

Which one would be better for him once hes going off to college.

Administrator answers:

Neither. Get him a Bugatti Veyron!

Laura asks…

2008 bmw xi how to reset the check engine light?

hi i would like to know how to reset my check engine light

Administrator answers:

Well, I have a Volvo, but I suspect it’s the same for all cars. If you don’t have a mechanic with the cords for your foreign car and you aren’t ready to fix it, just disconnect the battery for two hours. I must warn you though, you better have your code for your radio at hand, because it clears that out as well. If you have fixed the problem yourself the light will usually go off anyway after you start the car a certain number of times and won’t come back on, but if the problem persists, your light will come on again shortly. Even though your car is a bmw, the folks at Autozone can use their machine, it is not as specific as a dealership but will give you an idea to go on.

Joseph asks…

i’m thinking about getting snow tires and aftermarket rims for a ’07 bmw 328 xi, good idea?

we will be using our bmw year round in CT, rather than mounting and dismounting the tires, (they are runflats), for each season i am thinking of buying some rims and mounting the snow tires on them. my concerns are; should i run a smaller width snow tire?, should i stay with the 16″ rims or could i run a set of older bmw rims (i know of a set from a ’95 318is for sale)?, or would those rims even fit?, would running smaller rims mess up any computers or handling of the car? i don’t know if the older rims would be compatable with runflat tires or not. how do you handle this with your bmw? thanks in advance, car dude.

Administrator answers:

I would go with standard size rims and tires you will have to get rims for a car with pressure monitoring if you dont want to constantly see a warning when you have winter tires on. (there is a sensor in the rim that monitors pressure. Snow tires make a bid difference and i recommend them although with AWD you can get away with all seasons. I have an Audi Quattro and i have gone through winter both with snows and all seasons and you can do it with the all seasons but the snows are recommended for breaking especially.

Richard asks…

bmw xi can you put in a 2 weel drive mode?

2007 or 2008 335 xi

Administrator answers:

BMW all wheel drive models are rear-wheel biased. This means when driving normally in non-slippery conditions, the car will behave exactly as a rear wheel drive car, putting all power to the rear wheels.

Other than this, there is no way to “switch off” the all wheel drive mode.

Donna asks…

how to remove center console of bmw 320 xi?

lost my engagement ring under the money holder in armrest need to remove the whole console but dont know how and dont want to break anything or scratch anything please tell me how i can remove this myself i cant bear to tell anyone i lost it.

Administrator answers:

You’ll need to disconnect the battery and use trim panel tools to get at the Torx head screws. Lost ya already haven’t I?

Donald asks…

How hard is it to replace 02 sensors in a BMW?

I have a 2003 BMW 330 xi that needs an 02 sensor, can I do it myself?

Administrator answers:

Call Me

Michael asks…

Does a bmw xi cost more to maintiain than a regular bmw i?

Im assuming its more costly because it is all wheel drive but I really don’t know anything about the xi iv always been a rear wheel drive person. I might be moving to a snowy place for school in a couple years so I was considering the xi. Im looking to get a bmw 335i or maybe xi. Just wondering what experience people have with both cars as I have none with awd but otherwise I know a lot about bmws just not about the awd.

Administrator answers:

Over the short term; the only thing you’ll see is that the Xi uses a bit more fuel.

Over the long term – the AWD components and extra weight of the car will show up in tire and brake wear, and eventually the components themselves – like front c/v joints etc.

Betty asks…

Who knows a good reliable independent BMW service shop?

I am looking for someone near Santa Monica that has a BMW Shop that does good work for a reasonable price…Is that too much to ask? I have a 2003 BMW 325 Xi. I am in need of a serviceman. Who knows one and what experience have you had.?

Administrator answers:

Good luck. Make sure whoever you take your BMW has the tools and training to work on it without creating any problems in the process. Make sure they at least have the proper diagnostic equipment, you can ask them about it for example. INPA is the system BMW engineers use to program the vehicles various computers and networks between those computers, ask your tech about it. If they are set up for this, then they should certainly know BMW’s, inside and out. GT1 is the most common system BMW specialists use. Good luck.

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