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Your Questions About Bmw Xi Models

June 26, 2013

Mary asks…

BMW question/comparison of 3 models?

The 128i
The 328i
The 328xi

Which do you like an why? My company may be getting us work cars, and we have to choose between those models.

Is there any advantage to the xi over the i as opposed to the all wheel feature? Is there anything worse about it or is it just the better way to go since I’m not paying the 2k difference?

Any reason not to take the 328 over the 128 period?

Administrator answers:

Who ever can’t drive a rear wheel drive in snow should not be driving. I am from San Diego and driven my cars into the mountains with no problem even with wide tires. Don’t get the all wheel drive if you don’t need it, extra weight mean more gas and it will be a slower car.

It all depends on what you will be using it for. The 1 will start to become really common because of its price but if you live in the city where parking is an issue and you don’t need the extra space for passengers it will be a good choice because size wise the car will be more nimble and even accelerate faster since it has the same motor.

The 328 will have a smoother ride and isn’t a big car at it, it feels like a smaller car but you will be able to feel its extra weight over the 128. You can always go to a dealer and drive them both.

I would get the 128, but if I were to have passengers in the back seat I would go with the 328.

Sandra asks…

2007 bmw 328xi… worth getting it?

Hi Everyone! I am planning on buying a car from a close friend of mine. It is a 2007 bmw 328xi with about 13000miles. The car was involved in a minor accident once (I was there when it happened). The front bumper was replaced due to this accident. She just graduated from college and needs to sell her car as soon as possible. Since both of us were not familiar with cars, we called the bmw dealer and they were offering 18000 for this car. I was planning on paying this amount and buying it. Do you think this price is worth paying? Also, someone said that xi models are not as good as i models. I live in boston so I thought AWD was better than RWD in this region. Is it a misconception? I am a college student so can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for repairing every year. I heard that bmw costs a lot more than others to repair. Do you think I should get it? I know this is my decision but I just want your opinion. Please let me know. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I would say no. Your insurance will go up like crazy and maintenance on a BMW can be a pain in the butt. Just look up a simple part for a Chevy or a Toyota and compare it to the ridiculously expensive price of a BMW part. Not to mention you will be more paranoid about your car getting scratched, wrecked, or stolen. In addition, suspension on performance cars like that goes to hell quickly in a hilly/mountainous area. You will be adjusting the suspension like crazy. You are also a college student and we are not in great economic times so you might have problems affording ownership of this car in the near future.
However, if you still want to know the value of the car just go to

Richard asks…

2012 BMW 528xi – street price?

Hi I just spoke with a dealer about ordering a 528 xi 2012 model with premium package, technology package, and cold weather package, metallic paint, and leather. MSRP on this configuration is $55,900. His offer is $50,800. Invoice he claims is $51,500 after the $1,730 credit for NAV.

Is this a good price? Any advise?

Administrator answers:

That is a good price. But that is not out the door. That doesn’t include the dealer fee if any, or taxes. I would offer about about $2,800 – $3,000 less to get the price out the door to $50,800. If you take the car at $50,800 then after taxes and fees you’ll pay about $55,800 out the door. Good luck.

Susan asks…

BMW iPod integration kit in 1999 328I?


I got an iPod integration kit from Bevarian warehouse (its not Bevarian Sound Works. It is a huge junkyard for BMWs in CA). I asked them for DICE iPod integration kit, and they sent me a BMW original iPod interface kit. It is made by Alpine and the part number is P/N: 65 11 0 392 131. I called them and they said that it is from 1999, 328 I (that is what I have), but as far as I know it only works in later years.

Anyone has any idea? Mine Business CD (without HD Radio or anything), has an “m” button, and also does not have a clock (just to let u know that it is older model).

Also, another friend of mine has a 2002, 330 XI. Will it fit in his car if not mine?

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Not exactly sure what to do about your situation…
But, if you do need an Ipod integration for your car, check out the website I’ll provide, I know they sell them. Along with just about anything you’ll ever need for your bimmer!

Lizzie asks…

HPFP failure in 335i / xi?

I am about to buy used BMW 3 series and I test drove couple of them , they were so nice , well engineered , tonnes of option & bottons, but what stopped me so far from buying it is repair & maintenance cost specially I heard Fuel pump doesn’t seems to be very reliable , I checked car faxes and some of them were saying ” Electronic Module reprogrammed ” which I think that is some how is related to this problem but I am not sure if that fixes this problem or still is temporary solution ! is there any other point I have to be concern about to be known to go bad ? Also I heard on AWD models transfer case which applies power to front wheels like to start leaking , Is that true ? ( I am talking about US version BMWs )

Administrator answers:

Yes, there has been a recall on the HPFP but BMW still cannot get this part re-engineered correctly. I’m getting it replaced for the third time in the last 2 years (2007 335i). They’ve extended the warranty to 10 years/120k miles for this part. I think I’m the fourth owner of this car and am starting to wonder if it’s because of the HPFP issues. The last time the HPFP failed they said it was because they had a faulty batch but the issue has been corrected, which turned out to be false as it failed yesterday. It was last replaced about 6 months ago, and replaced about 4 months prior to that. I do love the way this car drives and handles, but I don’t think it’s very reliable due to this one thing.

Sharon asks…

What’s the difference in these BMWs?

Hey everyone, I wanted to know what is difference between 2008 and 2009 BMW 328xi coupe. All I keep seeing is there has been a face lift, also in stead of XI people keep labelling it i xDrive. Is there a big difference in the models? Should I put out a bit more $$ to get a 2009 CPO BMW?
Also, instead of going 2009 328i Xdrive, should i just go with the 2008 335xi as the prices are similar.

Administrator answers:

Well… They r all good cars but i would go with the 2009 328xi coupe cause it does look better and the engine has been upgraded, so it uses a little less gas. Also it wont break down as easily. Otherwise dude its your call

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