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Your Questions About Bmx X1

June 7, 2012

Sharon asks…

Is a 2006 Haro backtrail X1 BMX bike good enough for freestyle and street?

Ok, i want to take up bmx biking, and my dad has an opportunity to get a free Haro Backtrail X1 bike, and refuses to buy me any others :(
will this be good enough for picking up bmx biking?

Administrator answers:

If ur jus startin then i wud say yes incase u dont like it and if u get gud at bmx u could get even better with a better bike the best way to get a gud bike is to make a custom bike.

Charles asks…

Is the Haro X1 BMX bike good for street/tricks?

I found an add on craigslist for an x1 haro bmx bike, and i was wondering if it was good for doing street an tricks

Administrator answers:

Haros are heavy bikes so ill say not so good cause Ive tried some and there heavy to use and the bmx bikes tht are good are : sunday, verde, s&m, we the people (which is what i got {we the people}), kink, and eastern are all good bikes.

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