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May 10, 2013

Charles asks…

Which two cars would you say are the worst ever produced by the USA and Britain?

That is to say one from each to make the two.

For my money, I’d have to go with the 1991 Cadillac Seville STS for the US and the 1984 Jaguar XJ for the Brits. The Caddy is my pick as it was the epitome of GM’s marketer’s struggle to produce a BMW competitor. It wound up having the road going nature of a schooner and the reliability of a horny cat. The Jag makes the list as it was essentially developed in the death throes of British Leyland and although it may have featured the performance needed of a high priced Euro lux car of the day, the one that a friend’s mom of mine had self combusted one afternoon while we were in traffic on our way home from school. It practically melted to the pavement.

Administrator answers:

Granted, the 91 Seville is not an impressive vehicle. But if you’re talking about the crappiest American car of all time, how can you pass up the 1985 Chrysler Lebaron Woodie Convertible. A truly butt ugly car with all of 99 horsepower under the hood and the reliability you expect of a Chrysler.


For the crappiest British cars of all time, I’d have to go with the late 70s MG Midgets, after MG decided ot get rid of the classic chrome bumper in favor of the black rubberized bumpers. Apparently MG felt that if you’re going to drive around in a death-trap that broke down every 200 miles or so there wasn’t really any reason left to need to look good.

Paul asks…

Why did I let a complete stranger destroy my life?

OK, this happened 2 years ago, and even though it’s now a distant memory, I still remember this time as the worst 5 months of my life. It happened when I met “Greg” online. Most of the people I’ve met online only want me for a one-time hookup, so it was refreshing that Greg wanted to be friends and get to know me. All my life I’ve wanted a boyfriend, but I’ve had so much trouble getting one. So I jumped at the chance to be Greg’s friend, thinking he might want me as a boyfriend, even though he was ugly and kind of a loser (he was unemployed). I lived in the city, and he lived in the suburbs, and he wanted me to move close to him, so he found me some sh!thole basement apartment that charged me a ridiculous amount of money for rent. Even though I didn’t want to move, I did it for him. I worked at a grocery store in the city, and he helped me put in a transfer to work for the same chain the suburbs. But living in the suburbs, I had to drive, and driving over a half an hour each way to my job scared me half to death. Greg told me I was a terrible driver, so I developed a fear of driving and had to quit my job. I was unable to do anything on my own. I had to have him drive me in my car to run all my errands. I was scared to death. And to make matters worse, Greg told me the car I bought was a “piece of sh!t” and I got ripped off. There was nothing wrong with my car — he was just being an @sshole because I couldn’t afford a BMW like him. But I still don’t know anything about cars, and hearing that really upset me. Over the time we spent together, he gradually became more and more abusive towards me. He was always insulting me. Loved to insult my hair because I have a receeding hairline. Made fun of me because I’m a “slob” and didn’t keep my apartment clean. One time, he was even screaming at me to “clean the litterbox” while I was on my hands and knees cleaning up after my cat. Because I was forced to quit my job, I was unemployed and became very depressed. Again, he’d just make fun of me and found me a job at a fast food restaurant. He and his parents thought it was hilarious that I was a college graduate working in a fast food restaurant, and laughed about it constantly (“Are there even any other white people that work there?”). And then when things couldn’t get any worse, I was taken by ambulance out of my apartment, while I was unconscious, to be hospitalized for a mystery illness. I had no health insurance. He and his family thought this was hilarious, making constant jokes that I was going to be paying for this for the rest of my life. He was just a total @sshole to me. My parents are not supportive people, and they did not want to help me move away from him. But they eventually gave in and helped me move on, and since then my life’s made a complete 360. I’m working, made some good friends, and have gone on some nice dates. But I still can’t help but think I let a complete stranger, someone I’m not even attracted to, destroy my life. It makes me so angry.

Administrator answers:

It’s a lesson in life, called learning by our mistakes. I bet one thing you truly learnt is you’ll never put yourself in this same situation again, for nobody.

Mate, never give up your home and security for nobody and never let it move in with you, either.

Sandra asks…

How do I feel better about myself when I feel invisible, and most ppl have it better than me?

So, I have really high expectations for myself, and I’m not really sure what to do so that I feel better. I’m 23 years old, I live alone with my cat in a small apartment in the suburbs of the twin cities, and I’m gay. I am a personal banker, and have a few years of college behind me, but didn’t finish… I got more focused on work instead.

Here’s the problem. I never feel good about myself. I always feel like I should be working in some big skyscraper, doing something very corporate. Instead, I kinda feel like the low-life of the corporation. Sure, I wear a shirt and tie, and sometimes a suit to work, but I’m not making 40 or 50k a year, I just rent, and I don’t have a nice BMW or Audi like a lot of the other youngsters I see around here have.. I just have an Accord. I’m really at a dead end in my life and I don’t know what to do. School doesn’t seem like an option for me, because I’m working hard, and honestly I don’t know if I’d be any better off if I had a degree- Would I? I know plenty of people my own age that have degrees that have mall retail jobs. So who knows. The other thing is, I’m always told how nice I dress, how good I smell, and how attractive I am, but nobody seems to show any interest in me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, if I’m pushing people away, or if nobody is really interested in me. I walk around sometimes with the feeling of tears welling up in my eyes I’m so lonely and sad, feeling like I’m just at this dead end and this is all its going to be… Sure I have a few friends that I go out for drinks with on the weekends, and my family loves me, but they live in Madison (4 hours away), I moved here because I like the bigger city. How am I supposed to feel good about myself when I feel like I should be doing something much … better? Making more money, living somewhere better, and driving something better. Can anyone please tell me what is typical for a 23 year old to be doing in their life, and if I’m ahead or behind? I really need some help and guidance here because I’m at a really low point in my life. I appreciate it.
Hmm. Honestly, I don’t really care about being “greener” with my vehicle. I already receive my statements paperless, ha. I’m sure a 328i or something would be fine. Better than driving a lawn mower motor Honda. And as far as what makes me happy, it IS success. Upscale areas, expensive cars, designer clothes, status. Right now that’s what I want. And I cant attain it because of money.

Administrator answers:

Andrew, first of all, how can you say that most people “have it better than you” when you just said that many of your friends have completed college but are working retail jobs at the mall?

You’re in far, far better shape than most other people. Don’t you know that the national unemployment rate is 9.4%? It may not sound like a lot but that figure only includes people who are actually receiving unemployment checks. It doesn’t take into account the people who have dried up their unemployment benefits or who never qualified for unemployment in the first place. Nor does it take into account the people who are scraping by with seasonal/temporary jobs.

You may not have a college degree, but you said you did a “few years” of college, so that must mean you’re very close. You could easily continue working full-time and take some night or weekend classes to finish your degree. What’s the problem?

I think success is (or should be) defined as not how much money you make (or how many stripes you have). Success is breaking into a career field which you love doing. Remember this: throughout your life you will spend more of your waking hours at your job than you will with your own family. That’s why it’s so important to find a job that you love doing. Otherwise you’ll be a miserable person and your friends and family will suffer with you. You indicated that you want a career which will pay you more money – that’s very materialistic and you need to lose that way of thinking.

It’s difficult for me to feel sorry for you. When I was 23, I had just graduated college, and I was working as a security guard and as a temp because I couldn’t find anything full-time. I was still living with my parents, and I didn’t even have a car like you do. And this was 10 years ago when the economy was the exact opposite of what it is now. You may be too young to remember those days, but I certainly do. You wanna talk about “insecure”? I was borderline-suicidal back then.

I’m not sure how much you love or hate doing your current job, and I’m not sure how steady it is in this economy. But it sounds to me like you’re doing just fine for a young man your age. Someone just needs to give you a good whack in the head to snap you out of this funk.

BTW, when I was 23 I lived with a cat too. ;-) Nothing wrong with that.

Carol asks…

Urgently need advice on family crisis!?

Hi just a warning that there’s gonna be a lot to read here!
My parents have been together for 30 odd years and married for 25years. In that time have had 3children. Me – 21yrs old, my sister – 23yrs old and my brother – 14yrs old. My dad ran his own mechanics firm for over 50years and retired 2years ago. He is now 71. He was married before and had 2children in that marriage. Both of which disowned him, one 20years ago and the other about 10years ago both did it because of my mother, (I only found that out recently). My mum is 54, left school at 15 with no qualifications and hasn’t worked for 29years since getting with my dad. She gave up work because she said dad was earning enough money to get them both by. My dad loved her to pieces and didn’t mind. Soon after marriage my dad started hearing things about my mums past, at 17 she had an affair and lied to everyone saying she had got married to this man that was already married with a pregnant wife. My mum attacked his wife when she tried to talk to him and warned her to stay away. A few days later she lost her baby. The man then left my mum and went back to his wife. Jealous with rage my mum took this man to court for allegedly beating her, i haven’t found out exactly how this court case ended but i know she got a pay out. 2years later she got with another man and after a while got engaged and then accused him of beating her and becoming a stalker. He went to court and again my mum got a pay out and he got a ban saying he couldn’t go anywhere near her. Then she met my dad. Here i should say that everyone of my mums ex’s have been or were still married and all but one had children. When dad tried to speak to her about any of this she said she was young and it was all kids stuff and didn’t want to speak of it again as it was her past. Dad let it go.
Through my parents marriage dad realised that my mum had some issues. She was abused by her grandfather and never recieved counselling and her mum had been mentally diagnosed with schizophrenia. When mum was in her early teens my gran adopted a little girl called Jacqui. After this my mum rebelled and tried to get attention by anyway possible. Even being told off was attention so it didn’t matter to her.
Dad realised that that was why she craved attention 24/7 from everyone. She created drama where ever she went and befriended a lot of people. Dad caught her out with many lies but never made her admit the truth to other people so she carried on living the lies of which she told. My sister and me soon arrived and years later they had my brother. Years past and they moved house 4times. In the driveway of the first house my mum was run over and crushed between her parked car and the other car that was being driven by her adopted sister Jacqui. She had an automatic bmw and put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. She was in a wheelchair for a year and had a walking stick after that. A couple of years after the accident my mum stopped using her stick in the house and managed to run after me, my sister or brother if we ever did something naughty or just to play around with us. We now bred pedigree dogs and cats and she manged to bend and clean or chase them back to their kennels or pens just fine. But as soon as she left the house she’d take her stick and limp terribly around town or where ever she was so people would look at her and she’d be getting attention. We never said anything about this until we were older. She still does it now 12years later. Last year my dad went over 200miles away to stay with his 93year old aunt and her husband who was dying with cancer. My uncle Jim died and my great aunt sold their house and put the money in with my dads money so they could move again but into a bigger house worth over 500,000 so she could live with them instead of going in a home. (I moved out 2years ago and my sister has since got married and still lives with my parents and has moved her husband in too.) My mum became crazy jealous and would ring me in rages that she never got to spend time with dad anymore as he was caring for his aunt. I tried to explain she was old and needed the company, but she wouldn’t understand. She started causing big arguments at home with dad and his aunt. She even spat in the 93year olds face when she asked her to stop shouting at my dad. And has shoved her in the back when she was walking too slow infront of her. I told my mum she needed to change but she wouldn’t listen and then disowned me. Then about 4months ago my mum was in my dads car scratching his leather seats and my dad caught her. He asked what she was doing and she said she was getting her stuff from the car and started throwing things out just passed his head. He told her to calm down and get out of his car but she didn’t. She carried on scratching and throwing things out and then started having a go at dad calling him a bad husband and that he never did or bought anything for her anymore and then said t

Administrator answers:

Yeah, whats the question??
I think your mum is seriously in need of some professional help.

Chris asks…

Do you think my friend is spoiled?

Do you think my friend is spoiled?
Hi she’s 13, so am I.
Here is what she said on her BIO on Facebook she recently just changed it:

Hi. i’m Aubrey. I’m a HUGE fan of Britney Spears. I’ve met Jamie-lynn and her daughter before. I’ve met Britney, Jason and the kids before thanks to Jamie-lynn for helping out. I will not give out any phone numbers on any personal information on anyone. I also have 2 cats named Duke and Kiddles. I have 2 Yorkies named Babie and Lexi, I have a yellow lab named Marley I also have a teacup pig named Willie. My favorite color is Blue and pink. I love Tacos. My favorite stores are Abercrombie, Macys, Hollister, Aeropostale, Victoria Secrets Pink and Juicy Couture.
I live in a mansion type house, It has an outdoor pool, all together in my house has 43 rooms. My parents, have 3 Mercedes Benz, 2 Jaguars, 2 Cadillacs and 1 BMW, we have a water fall in our front yard. I have 6 Macbooks, and 3 Ipads, and 5 Ipad2′s, I have 4 iPhones, I have 7 Apple computers, I have 4 iPod Touches. Thats a little bit about me! :D

Here is her house, yes i’ve been to it twice, its really big inside!

She always makes fun of people for not wearing, Hollister, Abercrombie, Juicy Courture, Pink or Aeropostale. If they wear Old Navy or Kohls they get made fun of. I shop at Aeropostale and Macys.
She brags alot. On her report card she showed me she had Straight A’s even in Honors Algebra 2 Math. She does singing and said someday she’ll become famous. She bought 24.99$ of lipgloss (0.3oz)! Thats ridiculous, it even said that on the reciept! Her parents buy her whatever she wants, when she wants it. I only have an iPhone and im not aloud to get lipgloss unless its under 7$! She bought a lipstain for 37$! Do you think shes spoiled? What can you tell by her? I mean, she is ridiculous. I don’t really care, I just want people’s opinions. Would you be her friend?
she’s an only child btw.
actually hidden hills, CA

Administrator answers:

I think youre spoiled but your friend is extremely spoiled. Where do u live bev. Hills?

Mark asks…

Legal help in the UK?

I filed for divorce last June I was told I’d be divorced in 12 weeks, It’s almost a year, now, thing is my ex made me give up my job, because he didn’t like me having my own money, he liked to control me, so I have no income to pay for my solicitor, also I am having difficulties finding a job with my 5 year old, and when i did find a temping job I spent it was 2 hours away in Manchester and i traveled 2 hours there and 2 back and spent so much money on child care and bus/train fare it wasn’t worth it.
My ex doesn’t pay me a penny, even though he’s out all nights chasing after 18 year olds and just bought a new BMW, me and his daughter are struggling, every time I try to get money out of him, he threatens to sue for custody of our child.
Another things is he is buying pets for my daughter, two cats, a load of fish 3 rabbits and now a puppy, and I am expected to feed them, i can’t afford to feed myself and her, and then when i told him to take the pets and she can see them on the weekends, that she spends with him, he told her what a horrible mum i was and i wanted to get rid of her pets.Also when we were married he forced me to co sign a loan, that I never saw a penny of, and yet I have to help pay it back!!When he left the RAF he got a huge pay out, that I was entitled to some of, as it was for a married man, and yet he spent it all on himself, new clothes nights out etc….
I’m at my wits end I don’t know what to do, all I want is what is my right, some money to feed me and the kiddo until I can find a job, how can I get this?

Administrator answers:

I would strongly STRONGLY recommend you read this:

or alternatively:


Sandy asks…

Which two cars would you say are the worst ever produced by the USA and Britain?

That is to say one from each to make the two.

For my money, as an American of less than 30, I’d have to go with the 1991 Cadillac Seville STS for the US and the 1984 Jaguar XJ for the Brits. I do know of more commonly hated cars from earlier (the Chevrolet Vega for the US and the Morris Marina for the UK) but, since most of those two have returned to the Earth as rust, many of my generation are fortunate enough to not recall them. The Caddy is my pick as it was the epitome of GM North America’s struggle to produce a BMW competitor. It wound up having the road going mien of a schooner and the reliability of a horny cat. The Jag makes the list as it was developed in the death throes of British Leyland. Although, it may have featured the performance needed of a high priced Euro lux car of the day it would explode if you looked at it the wrong way. One that a friend’s mom of mine had self combusted one afternoon while we were in traffic on our way home from school. It practically melted to the pavement.

Administrator answers:

Definitly for usa, the ’90-’01ford taurus and england, aston bulldog..look it up.then puke

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