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Your Questions About Four Intelligences

June 19, 2013

Laura asks…

identify the four main steps in designing a competitive intelligence system in amrketing?

Administrator answers:

1) Define who your competitors are
2) Define what products they are competing against
3) Collect intelligence (decide sources)
4) Prepare Report (define recipients)

James asks…

How do I get my four year old to participate in school?

I am told he is above average in intelligence for his age, but he refuses to participate in classroom activities. What is the best approach to this problem?

Administrator answers:

Have you had a conference with his teacher? If not, try to schedule one. How do you know he’s not participating… Has the teacher brought this to your attention?
This is really something that the teacher is responsible for. The teacher should be able to engage all the kids in activities. Ask the teacher what they are doing to get your son involved and see if you can brainstorm more ideas. Being his mother, you know what he’s most comfortable doing. If you can offer some ideas in a way that’s not demeaning to the teacher, I’m sure they would appreciate your input.

Thomas asks…

Approximately how often will Marine Corps Intelligence Officers Deploy?

I am currently enlisted in the Marines and will shortly be making the jump to officer. I have never worked with Intelligence Marines and was wondering if anyone knew the rates at which intelligence officers deploy. As I said I am enlisted now and am fully aware that nobody could say precisely how many times an intel officer would deploy. I’m just looking for a generalization.
As well, do the four intelligence officer posistions… I.E. Ground intelligence officer, human intelligence officer…. etc. deploy at the same rates, even though their duties are very different.

Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

YOU won’t know until you cross that bridge!!!

Richard asks…

What would happen to the ‘popularity system’ if you put 200 nerds all in the one school for four years?

I’m starting a new school next year in a new school (the school starts next year). It is only going to have smart people in it (but these smart people didn’t get in by money, they got in only by a test).
If all of us are smart, what is going to happen to this ‘popularity system’ if no people of average intelligence are there?

Administrator answers:

Probably by who does the most outlandish projects and scores the highest on tests while having a social life

Susan asks…

Why didn’t Holder contact ANY of the top four Administration intelligence or terrorism officials about how to?

handle the BVD bomber?

According to their testimony in the Senate Homeland Security Committee today, NONE of the top four administration terrorism officials was contacted by the FBI on how to interrogate the BVD bomber

“The witnesses also said they were not consulted by the Department of Justice on prosecuting Abdulmutallab in civilian, rather than military, court. Nor were they consulted on the interrogation of the suspect after he was apprehended. Leiter said that although the NCTC has access to all intelligence agency databases, it is not able to conduct a computer search across all of those databases.”
Arrogance… yes… and INCOMPETENCE!

Administrator answers:

Because Holder’s objective is to lose the trial

Michael asks…

Doesn’t it seem like Every Four Years is a Struggle Between Reason and Insanity?

Between moderation and extremism?
Between the Truth and lies?

The campaign hasn’t even started and already my intelligence has been insulted repeatedly by the Rom-borg.

Administrator answers:

More like a struggle between a giant douche bag and a turd sandwich. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Mandy asks…

Thoughts Of United States Involved in Four Wars?

The United States involved in four wars as of today.

1.War In Iraq (30,000+ Still Stationed In Iraq and Battles Still Going On)
2.War In Afghanistan
3.Libya Civil War ( United States is bombing Military bases in Libya)
4.War on Drugs ( CIA is giving Mexico intelligence and Millions of Dollars and Secret Operations are being done to Kill Drug Lords)

The united states is always in War and Always has money for it.

Administrator answers:

Time for U.S.
To stop budding in

Mark asks…

Four days and still not used to driving?

I have my permit and my mom is practicing with me. This is the fourth day and I’m still not used to it. I have to go slow.

I don’t think I have spatial intelligence. When I’m in the car, I can’t tell how far I am from the curb. I can’t pull over properly.

Any tips?

Administrator answers:

Are you KIDDING???

You wont be comfortable for MONTHS or even longer if you’re normal.

My mom drove all her life, starting with tractors out on the ranch, and NEVER felt comfortable behind the wheel. NEVER. (NOT normal)

Give it time, baby.

Carol asks…

Is it embarassing to be twenty four years old, kicked out of college because your LD and working a low paying?


Of course it isn’t!!!!!…. Oh man wish I liked my brain more. I love myself but I wish I had more intelligence. I can’t focus. None of the meds work. All the doctors have tried. I tried techinical schools everything. I fail, and I’ll be the first one to admit it.

Administrator answers:

No. Keep going. You will find something that works for you. Good luck.

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