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Your Questions About Four Interviews

July 28, 2013

Mark asks…

Four interview questions a reporter would ask President Wilson of the United States?

If there was four questions you could ask President Wilson about the Paris Peace Conference, what would they be? And what do you think his response for the four questions would be?

Administrator answers:

1. Are you taking a risk imposing these sanctions on Germany, of isolating them and prompting further agression later.
2. Why did you argue against taking making further sanctions against Germany?
3. Will we keep a military precense in Europe?
4. Was it fair to keep Russia out of the confrence?

Im not very good at modern history, but hoped this helped. Many of these questions asked would be in hindsight, but they should suffice.

Ken asks…

I had four interviews this past month and I got rejected by all of them :`(?

I am so sad right now :`(
I graduated from college a month ago and I have been actively searching for an office job (accounting & administration). Last Thursday I had an interview with this company, they said they’ll get back to me in a week, and today I received a rejection email from them just 15 minutes ago. This is my 4th rejection, and now I feel so hopeless… I applied to over 50 different companies, part-time and full-time, and this is the result I get.

I got two more interviews this week but now I’m losing faith in myself. I’m afraid that any more rejections will totally devastate me.

Is this normal? I know economy’s bad, but I applied to over 50 places, and I should be getting some good results by now, shouldn’t I? Am I doing anything wrong?

Administrator answers:

Yes that is normal, particularily when you just graduated and have little experience.

Keep you chin up and keep applying.

You will find something.

David asks…

I’ve had four interviews already…said that the recruiter wll be in contact with me…what now?

Company recruiter got in contact with me a week later telling me she just touching bases with me, that they did not forget about me and that I was still definately still being considered…. told me hopefully she will find out by the end of the week…..I phoned her on Friday, no answer….left a message…never returned my call….weeekend past…now its Monday and still have not heard from her……What now…..should I call her again??(shes been good in giviing me updates)should I email her?? what should I say??did they move on??The recruiter was the one that set up all the interviews and she was the main contact

Administrator answers:

You could always just send an email (since you already called) and just say you are touching base, say you are eager to start work and hope to hear from them soon.

Sandra asks…

Where Can I Find Written Interviews/Interviews About Child Soldiers in Africa?

I need to find three or four different interviews about child soldiers in Africa. Does anyone have any sources where i can find this? thanks!

Administrator answers:

I ran a quick Google search using the term “interviews on child soldiers in Africa” and found quite a few promising results – try it!

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