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Your Questions About Four Interviews

February 5, 2013

Donald asks…

Have been to four Job interviews and nobody has hired me?

Four Job interviews in two weeks.No Job.This is not what I am use too.I have been reading interview books,down loading interview tips and taking classes.I even moved to another state.I can not go without working.I have been to all different types of Jobs.I would never turn down an opportunity.I even spent one hundred and fifthy dollars on a professional Resume’.The guy told me he was given me a deal?
I am smiling and very Happy.So why won’t anyone hire me?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, it’s really tough out there right now – for anyone, even great candidates. All you can do is keep at it. Send out your resume, go to job interviews, just keep trying. Also consider networking events in your industry to make connections if you’re looking for a specific career. Or try using existing connections – family, friends – to get a job.

Susan asks…

BB UK All the interviews tonight will have to be rushed as four are to be evicted and no extra time?

Do you think BB should of evicted two tonight and two perhaps Sunday would of also made next four days bit more interesting . Does anyone Know the reason they have done this ?

Administrator answers:

The 10.30 episode where the evicted housemates come out is on for an hour tonight instead of the usual half hour. It’s still not enough time to interview 4 properly though

Donna asks…

All four interviews went well, I’m nine months pregnant, please read details…need advice…?

I applied stumbled across a job posting that was perfect for me and even though at the time I was eight months pregnant (and not really looking) I’d decided to apply for the job. I’ve was laid off about 2 1/2 years ago and have been looking on and off ever since. The company called me three days later and I’ve had a total of four interviews. Two were over the phone and two in-person. They told me it was between me and one other person and would let me know the outcome either way. They seemed to be perfectly okay with the fact that I was pregnant and expecting so soon. Here is the time-line of how things have progressed…

Mon. 10/18 – applied for job
Thurs. 10/21 – phone interview with Corp. Rec.
Tues. 10/26 – in-person interview #1 Area Mgr. (wanted to make decision by end of week)
Wed. 10/27 – in-person interview #2 Office Mgr. (wanted to make decision by end of day)
Thurs. 10/28 – phone interview #2 with out of state Reg. Mgr. (she told me it would be about 4 or 5 days before a decision was made and asked me for my references)
Fri. 10/29 – they called my references.
Thurs. 11/04 – called for status of position, Office Mgr wanted me to possibly interview by phone with VP who was out of office until the next week
Tues. 11/9 – called and spoke to Area Mgr., VP is making decision by the end of the week (still out of town until Thurs.), no mention of interview
Monday 11/15 – called and spoke to Office Mgr, she apologized didn’t have an answer because she was out of the office the previous week due to a sickness. She said she’d call Area Mgr to see if decision has been made and call me back. I haven’t heard a word.

I’m getting worried because things seemed to be moving so quickly in the beginning and now have slowed down. Is this a bad sign? Should I call them again? I don’t want to be a pest, but I don’t want to drop the ball. She said she would call me back and I have yet to hear anything. It’s been about 24 hours and I’m dying to get some sort of answer. Even if I wasn’t chosen or no decision has been made I would just like to know. Some closure would be nice and it sounded like she was going to call me right back.

Administrator answers:

If the four interviews went well…you would have been hire…almost everyone says….
It is between you and someone else…
Have ur baby..and get a job in 3 months

Maria asks…

I recently went through four interviews for a new job and was told that I did not get it.?

I recently went through four interviews for a new job, and was told at the last interview (with the president of the division) that they wanted to bring me in for a day-long job shadowing interview. (This is common practice in this field.) The hiring manager admitted that they were looking at two other people, but still scheduled me for the day-long job shadowing for today (Friday).

Half an hour before the interview was to begin, I received a call from the hiring manager advising me that they have decided to move forward with another applicant. She wished me luck, and I thanked her for letting me know. It was a personable, polite, and professional telephone call.

My question is – is it wrong or detrimental to me to send the manager a letter, thanking her for having taken the time to talk to me, and asking her for any advice she may have for me, in my attempt to get a job?

Administrator answers:

I would still send the letter thanking her for her and the companies time during the interview process and to keep you in mind for any future openings.
I wouldn’t go into advice, just look back during the interview and think about information you could have expanded upon. When they are looking at multiple candidates you have to market yourself and let them know that you are the best candidate. Play up education, experience in the industry, a superior work ethic, anything that gives you an edge. There is something that other person is lacking. Also what knocks people out of consideration is their price tag. Instead of quoting a price let the company send you a price range.. You then can either price yourself in their range or walk away and find something else that is in your desired salary range
Also after being an interviewer there is nothing like confidence, when your confident you’re not scared or stumbling your words, or fidgeting. And a smile and good enthusiastic energy is PRICELESS.
Good luck, you’ll get the next one!

Laura asks…

Recruiter hasnt called/emailed me back after four interviews!?

I had a interview made it to the fourth and final round. They needed to fill the position quickly and it really looked like i was a good candidate. Before the call the recruiter even called me and said they liked me, and she would most likely call at the end of the day to let me know how it went. I emailed her right after the interview and thanked her and asked for any next steps. I waited a week and with no response emailed her again. Then I called her two days later. Its been 1 week and two days and I havent gotten anything…no call, no email back. After 4 interviews I would AT LEAST expect a short email saying sorry (even if it was in the template form). Not even a peep. im wondering if she got into a terrible accident or something…I could understand if this was after one or two interviews…but after four I believe they owe me some sort of response?!

What are your thoughts? Should I call back, email….what should I do?

Administrator answers:

I would say keep calling once a week until you get an answer. They already know if they’re going to hire you or not. Whether the answer is yes or no, they still need to tell you. Being persistant can be perceived as annoying, but it also proves that you are confident, want the job, and are willing to fight for it. So either way, you need to keep calling them and pressure them to give you an answer.

Good luck! I think youre doing well so far. Having no responses is not uncommon at all, so dont let it get you down.

Jenny asks…

I have four year work experience. I am currently looking for a job. What is the best approach in interviews?

at treasury office which is a governmental organization. Currently I want to find a job at private sector.

Administrator answers:

You still don’t tell us your experience is from what field?

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