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Your Questions About Fox News

April 19, 2013

Daniel asks…

fox news…..?

do you think fox news is fair and balanced?

Administrator answers:

Seems to me, they are more for the Republican Party then the Democratic Party. No, they are not fair and balanced. Not, at all.

Thomas asks…

FOX NEWS………………………?

Y u no have news about foxes?

Administrator answers:

No i have not, just pakgeonews

Ruth asks…

Is Fox News working in concert with Republicans to keep their viewer in the dark about Republican hypocrisy?

Fox News convince their viewers to only watch and trust them. So while other news outlets are reporting on Republican hypocrisy in regards to the stimulus bill Fox News is silent. If a Fox news viewer see a report about Republicans touting jobs that were created in their home district it is automatically dismissed as being liberal bias story because they only trust Fox News. Then those same Republicans get in front of national news cameras and claim the stimulus did not create a single job.

Administrator answers:

That’s the danger of only trusting one source… What if they are wrong?

And odds are, every source is wrong on something at some point…

William asks…

Is Fox News considered an existential threat to the left?

I judge fox‘s success but how frequent and how vicious the attacks are on it from MSNBC and other left leaning organizations. Right now, the name “Fox News” is a punchline in itself on the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. Seems like Fox is doing something right if liberals are this up in arms about it. What do you think?
@the nazbol returns: you know exactly what I’m saying. I’m wondering why the mere mention of their name strikes such a tense chord in liberals.

Administrator answers:

No. But definitely a treat to “fair and balanced”.

Joseph asks…

Why is Fox News giving such light coverage to one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent memory?

Haiti is certainly the biggest news event right now. Compared to CNN and MSNBC, Fox News‘ coverage of this major catastrophe has been very light. Fox spent more time on the ACORN tapes. Why is this? Does Fox News only devote significant amounts of time to “news” that can be politicized and used to attack the Left?

Administrator answers:

They’re like Pat, They think Haitians deserved it because they made a pact with the devil.

Chris asks…

Why are Fox News and their viewers so against constitutional rights for others?

What’s wrong with Obama’s aides criticizing a so-called news channel? Isn’t that their constitutional right?
OOOOOoooooo!!! He’s stifling dissent…Umm, then why is Fox News still, well, dissenting?
Please tell me if he tries to shut down Fox News. Please don’t go pre-emptive on me, because we know Cons don’t exactly have a lot of luck with those types of predictions.

Administrator answers:

You obviously have no concept of what the 1st Amendment is all about.

Susan asks…

How has Fox news been able to get such good ratings?

The channel is one of the most biased channels on TV, fair and balanced my ass. How has this awful channel been able to do so well in the ratings, I have watched CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS. Fox news just seems to be more in your face, fast paced news, more so than CNN or MSNBC, could that be why? Those this mean liberals usually get their news from the internet more than tv, and conservatives get their news mainly from FOX NEWS, that is the only reason that that channel could be so popular.

Administrator answers:

They have been the only station to expose the thieves, thugs, commies, perverts, anti and unAmerican people and ideas of the people that obama has surrounded himself with. There has not been one single of his henchmen that have expressed any PATRIOTIC ideas or programs, only new and bigger ideas of how to push corruption, deception, and plundering of America’s treasury. He is obviously a Communist based on Marxism. A total failure in every country that has tried it. It fails because it based on stealing from the workers and then giving to the nonworkers. It is false and misleading to call him a Socialist. The ‘redistribution of wealth’ that he calls for is the basis of Communism and is nothing but a euphemism for stealing the workers blind. THis country never became ‘great’ by stealing money from the people and giving handouts to the lazy. Fox News is the ONLY TV that has presented all the hidden nastiness of Obama. They do try to present the good side of the news also but there is NO good side to Obama and his fellow travelers ideology.

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