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Your Questions About High Flow Cat Bmw

March 16, 2013

Robert asks…

Best Sounding/Performance Exhaust For BMW e46 330i?

Okay I’m buying a used BMW e46 330i (preferably with sport package) in the next two months and wondering which exhaust system would provide my car with the best exhaust note and performance .My budget is around $1200 and I favor clean, deep racecar tones, not the raspy, obnoxious ricer tones (if that makes sense). I live in San Diego and I’m not familiar at all with the cities emissions laws, but I probably need a system with catalytic converters (maybe high flow cats) and I’m not sure if resonators are needed. If anyone has had experience with BMW exhaust systems your response would be greatly appreciated. :)

Some of the systems i have been looking at are: eisenman, remus, borla, AA, Supersprint, DINAN, and Rogue Engineering.

Thanks for your time!!

Administrator answers:

Yes very decent car,
For me in terms of performance/appearance/sound

Problem with some of the systems on a 6cyl is they sound a little buzzy, UUC tends to have deepest and most aggressive tone, with a little bark on downshift.

Best installation in my opinion would be full system – catbacks, leave stock cats in place.

All of these systems will be 50 state legal (catbacks).

In due course if you do a performance header installation will improve the complete system and set your car up for more power on the intake side if thats where you decide to go.

Youtube has sound clips, and that would be a good place to start perhaps.


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