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Your Questions About Honda Hrv

May 5, 2013

Robert asks…

What does One Speed Constantly Variable Transmission mean?

I am looking in to buying a small, sporty, used 4×4 as my first car and came across the honda hrv. I am just wondering what a 1 speed constantly variable transmission is and how it is different to the standard 4 speed automatics? Does it lack performance etc? Please help!

Administrator answers:

It would be fine for a vehicle to just use for commuting, but if you want a 4×4 for actually leaving the pavement, then I would consider something else like a Suzuki Samurai or a Jeep or something. Here is some info on it from Wikipedia.


Hope this helps!

Linda asks…

Honda HR-V 4wd good is it??

i am planing to buy a honda hrv (suv-2003 model). if u have one or have driven one pls suggest me…how good is its 4WD ? how dose it work ? (it dosent have a visible 4wd-transmission..). dose it have traction-control or rear differential lock ? how good is it in muddy roads ?

Administrator answers:

Do you mean CR-V? This is basically a front wheel drive under normal conditions, then if the front wheels spin the rear wheel get up to 50% of the power. There is no low ranch gears and no 4 wheel drive lock. I have a 2000 model, very happy with it, it handles snowy winter conditions very well but not ideal for off road, suspension will not handle it. I’m not sure how it is in the mud, the 4 wheel drive is a delay reaction, it spins the fronts first before the rear wheels start to help, by this time it may too late and you’re stuck. Also without the 4 wheel lock out you have only one drive wheel on front and back spinning. The wheels with the least reaction will unfortunately spin, so in reality it’s 2 wheel drive.

Sandy asks…

Whats the difference between Semi/Part Synthetic oil?

My wifes car is a Honda HRV 1.6 petrol, it needs oil, just had a search on Halfords and its saying I can use 1040w ‘part’ synthetic. Whats the difference with ‘semi’ and ‘part’ synthetic. I’ve got 4 litres of ‘semi’ in the garage that I bought for my Vectra V6, do you think I could use that?

Administrator answers:

Semi synth is the same as part syth – no difference

Donna asks…

wanted—HONDA HR-V— wanted?

im looking for a 1999-2000 honda HRV, automatic,sunroof,white or black color. must in VIC.
willing to pay AUD8000 for it with rwc.
pls contact me:……
thanks a lot!!!

Administrator answers:

Check auto trader and e-bay and the local paper and the honda dealer since its an older car honda wont really want it sitting on their lot just ask them they can prob track one down

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