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Your Questions About Honda Hrv

December 10, 2012

Susan asks…

Honda HRV 2004 having short vibration at initial acceleration from stop position?

i have a honda hrv 2004 auto transmission,im experiencing an annoying short vibration on car/engine whenever i’ll drive or go off from stop position..and it will be gone as i drive all the way..its a short vibration only when i’ll drive from stop or sudden vibrates again when i try to accelerate again! very short vibration at you can really feel it it! im confused which one to check..of course dont wanna spend money on some shop..already checked the mountings and looks fine to me..the engine is good while idle and in running condition..

Administrator answers:

Could be torque converter shutter, or a bad mount. Visual inspection of mounts doesn’t always tell you if they are good or bad.
Open the hood and have someone sit inside. Have them stand firmly in the brakes! Then shift to reverse to drive and then back. Watch the engine for excessive rolling or movement. While in reverse have them (again firm brake pressure) press and release the throttle again checking for excessive movement.
You should verify your transmission fluid level, and consider changing the fluid and filter. Trust me here when I tell you that if you are getting a shutter from your transmission you want to go to the dealership to get the proper transmission fluid!!!

Nancy asks…

when the cvtf transmission of a HONDA HRV gives problems can it be repaired or should it be replaced?

in maintenance repairs

Administrator answers:

Most problems can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage done to the trans depends on the problem really but it would prob be cheaper to have it repaired than to replace a whole unit

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