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Your Questions About Night Vision Bmw

June 24, 2012

Donald asks…

A good night vision camera?

I am in the process of building a car computer and one thing I would like to add is a night vision system like the Mercedes S Class. The problem I am having however is finding a camera. When I Google it I get cheap $30 web cams that are 1.3MP and have a very slow refresh rate and the $4k system that BMW has.

Does anyone know of a good camera that has night vision/thermal imaging, gets a good resolution (1280/1024×768 or better), is fast enough to be useful (60fps would be perfect), and is small enough to either mount on my dash or hang from the rear view mirror.

I am willing to pay a few hundred bucks for something that meets my requirements but BMW‘s $4’000 price tag is just a little to much. It does not have to be a web cam. A camcorder would work fine if it’s an option.

Administrator answers:

The Mercedes-Benz..most likely is useing Military style Night Vision..Consumer camera’s that offer NIGHT-Vision Photography are some-what..annoying..the Camera must remain have a view-able frame..
Military Night Vision is a lens type that utilizes amplified sections of the lens..its a amplified process..
The Consumer camera just manipulates the FRAME-speed..its a Tripod mounted..attempt at ain’t great.

Ken asks…

Can someone answer this one question on a bmw 7 series?

Hi im doing this small questionairre. and studying mechanics lol. was wondering if anyone knew this cause i know nothing about BMWs -.-. Thanks!

Which one of the following facts about the new BMW 7-series is incorrect?

It has a Side View camera option
It features an advanced Night Vision system
Three engines are available
It’s only available to buy in pink
Thankyou. Pink was the right answer. or wrong. thanks for all your help. =]

Administrator answers:

Is this a trick question?

The last one is incorrect

Robert asks…

What are the best options when buying a BMW 5 Series?

I have ordered Professional Satnav, Bluetooth, DAB radio etc, but what about HUD or Night vision? Is it worth paying extra for the full electric seats, and is the Cooling seats worth the £800 odd?

Administrator answers:

Take a look at the safety spec of the car then look on the option list to see what there is xeon lights are a good option

Steven asks…

classic car with push button shifting what was it?

i used to work as a car detailer a long time ago… while working there i worked on a car that had the push button gear shifting…

anyone know what car that was??

or a list of classic cars that had this?

also, as i am trying to educate myself on the topic of classic cars and such, can anyone recomend any cars with ‘futuristic’ additions?

push button gear shifting
VW has a vase in the dashboard now
there is supposed to be a car soon with a night vision windshield or something (BMW Vision i think is the name)
that amphibious car
the airplane car
there are lots of unique vehicles, and i want to know what they all are lol


Administrator answers:


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