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Your Questions About Q3 Vs Q5

May 10, 2013

George asks…

C&A!!!! sit down and answer!!!?

hello c&a and 2 all my contacts. i have not been on lately but im on now so u get da point.
random question time.

Q1- How many times does kagome tell inuyasha to sit in this video???

Q2- what anime character pused humpty dumpty of the wall??? why would they do that. (be creative)

Q3- Inuyahsa VS sesshomaru. who would win???

Q4- Have you ever broken any bones???

Q5- you have drunk 20 cans of red bull and youve grow n wings??? What will you do??? (random i know)

Q6- When is your birthday??? me, december 11

Q7- Are there less or more people on C&A latly???

ok pplz got 2 go. bye *waves*

( ‘.)

Administrator answers:

YAY YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *super mega hug*
MISSED YOU!!!!!!!! *another hug*

Q1- Uhm, I lost count after 28 times…………..

Q2- NARUTO!!!!! He saw the egg, gots and idea, and then BAM!!! Scrambled egss have been made!!!! (now im hungry T.T)

Q3- SESSHOMARU!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVES MY SESHY-KUN!!! He’s so strong and cute and almost so good to rename him Jinkers!!
Jinkers is a funny name for a doggie……………

Q4- Yep!! I’ve broken my ankle and my thumb, but thats it. I’m not much a violent person………….

Q5- Do the same thing they did in the Willie Wonka movie!!! Burp, until I can’t fly no more!…………. Ppl would call me a freak and put me in the zoo if I had wings……………

Q6- OMG!!! Yours in in December too!!!!!!!!! Mines the 5th, and 5 is my favoritest number ^_^

Q7- I don’t know…………… I’m on at least once a day, always checking for new Qs to answer!!!

HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! *big hug bye* BYES!!!!

John asks…

Q1: Who is the best injury-prone player (Q2s, Q3s, Q4s, Q5s)?

If he were not to be injury-prone, he might be able to be an MVP candidate.

Q2: Do you think Larry Fitzgerald can break the Madden Curse?

Q3: Phillip Rivers vs. Drew Brees.

Q4: Best AFC Quarterback in week 1.

Q5: Best NFC Quarterback in week 1.
ty, only 1 or 2, maybe no one has broken the Madden Curse.

Administrator answers:

Q1: MARIAN GABORIK! Oh. Football? I don’t know. Shawne Merriman.

Q2: Yep. But Polamalu already has it.


Q4: Ben Roethlisberger

Q5: Campbell?!!?@?!? I don’t know.

Betty asks…

quiz here for 10 points………………?

Q1)who is the world fastest bowler?
Q2)how old is misbar ul haq?
Q3)who won the world cup in 1996?
Q4)tell me 1 pakistani batsman that has got out on 199 vs india?
Q5)who is this player………..i im a alrounder i have over 200 wickets and i have scord over 4000 runs in ODI who ever gets it all right they get 10 points……..
i im soor but ur all wrong u had the frist 4 right but the last one is not it is jack kalisfrom south afrika

Administrator answers:

1. Shoaib Akhtar
2. 33
3. Sri Lanka
4. Younis Khan
5. Shahid Afridi?

Laura asks…

poll:(House md fans) if these two got into a fight over house who would win?

Q1:Lisa Cuddy .vs. Alison Cameron (yes her first name is Alison)
Q2:Gregory House .vs. Robert Chase (over Cameron and yes his first name is Robert)who would win
Q3:Gregory House .vs. Cuddy’s new boyfriend (name unknown) over Lisa Cuddy
Q4: should House and Cuddy get together?
Q5: would it be fun if House and Cuddy really have sex (on the show) and it not a hallucination?

Administrator answers:

Hiya! I didnt know i had a Mrs. Hehehehe, greetings.

Q1: Cuddy
Q2: House would sarcasm him to death
Q3: House would clock him in the head with his cane
Q4: Definitely, Cuddy is gorgeous
Q5: I would love to see that happen.

Mark asks…

Spanish domination of Europe….. 3/4 in EL and 2/4 in CL……?

…. omg… weak La Liga hu???

Q2: Falcao vs Soldado??
Q3: Can you imagine all Spanish EL&CL final???
Q4: Are all Spanish teams under UEFA protection??
Q5: Which two Spanish team you would like to see as EL&CL champions??

Administrator answers:

Soon to be two all Spanish finals, the EPL fan boys must be kicking themselves…

Q2: Falcao for sure.
Q3: Yes I said it before I read this question :)
Q4: Don’t give them any ideas…
Q5: Athletic Bilbao and FC Barcelona.

James asks…

Rap Questions???????? for 10 Points?

Q1: Who’s the Biggest Rapper to sell out ever?
Q2: Freestyle battler: BIG vs. 2Pac
Q3: Whens the Last time you listened to the Chronic by Dre?
Q4:Your Favorite Rapper??
NRHH Q5:Isn’t the New Orleans Saints the Shyt??

Administrator answers:

1. Jay-z
2. BIG
3. Never.
4. Kool G Rap, the GOAT
5. Yeah, they deserved to win

Thomas asks…

For all you 90′s Kids…?

Q1:What was your favorite T.V. show/shows when you were a kid?
Q2:Cow and Chicken Vs. The Ren and Stimpy Show
Q3:Cat Dog Vs.Courage the Cowardly Dog
Q4:What show did you not like when you were a kid?
Q5:Favorite toy that you had when you were a kid?
Q6:What was your favorite band back in the 90′s?
Q7:Do you miss those days?
@cookie church pope…I know what you mean about watching Courage the Cowardly Dog and not liking it, I was the same way, that show scared me so much but I couldn’t stop watching it for some reason lol

Administrator answers:

Hey :)

1.Johnny Bravo
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ed,Edd N Eddy
Dexter’s Lab
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Looney Tunes
Tom and Jerry
The Rugrats
Kenan and Kel
All that

2.Cow and Chicken

3.Courage the cowardly Dog

4.Sailor Moon

5.My Ninja Turtles commando action figure


7.Yes,very much so

Awesome question :)

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