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Your Questions About Q3 Vs Q5

June 24, 2013

Susan asks…

what is the anatomical modifications that have been important for insects to thrive in a terrestial habitat?

Also: What are the evolutionary trends seen in insects within the neoptera? What is the comparison between diptera and lepidoptera? and what is the differences and similarities between arachnida and hexapoda? Ectoparasitic insects what are they and what about them?

Administrator answers:

Hmmm…wow…a VERY general question. This is out of my field, but your other questions were so engaging I decided to see what else you have asked…

For the first one (how do they thrive/what modifications do they have). I am going to list things insects all have in common and that kill them when things go wrong with these systems:
1) A chitinous exoskeleton, usually with a waxy covering that conserves water and provides mechanical protection.
2) A system of spicules that enables oxygen/CO2 exchange without having to resort to an overly flexible out membrane keeping that mechanical protection sound.
3) Segmented bodies and legs to allow greater flexibility of movement than is achievable solely with a segmented exoskeleton
4) Wings for flight or additional mechanical protection
5) Rudimentary circulatory system (this one might not qualify since I bet their ancestors had something like this too.)

There are a LOT of kinds of neoptera and I don’t know much evolutionary biology so I will not attempt that one. Probably one trend has to do with the falling partial pressure of oxygen over the past few hundred million years and the guys getting smaller to cope. They all have flexible wings. I dunno what else. Sorry.

Q3: Compare flies to butterflies/moths/skippers.
Commonalities: all 4 wings have flight function; larval stage that pupates; adults have tubular mouth parts
Differences: antenna, scaled wings.
That is a start anyway.

Q4: Similarities: Chitinous exoskeletons, segmented bodies (but different numbers of segments), jointed legs,
Differences: wings vs. More legs, compound vs. Simple eyes, pupation/metamorphosis vs. Nymphal stages

Q5: Ecto means outside, and everyone know what parasitic means, so this would include lice, fleas, maybe mosquitos (they only suck blood for egg laying, you know), certain kinds of flies and true bugs. They mostly live on blood, but I think some eat dead skin. Geez, what else CAN you eat living on the outside of a critter?

Whew. Tough.

William asks…

Wrestling section your thoughts on two of the most underrated superstars in wwe currently ?

Q 1=don’t you think wwe has completely destroyed their character by constantly tossing them with face/heel turns ??
Q 2=can you see this match happening
kane(wwe champion) vs bigshow(world heaweight champion) ?
Q 3 who will retire first ?
Q 4 who will get bigger match at this years wrestlemania ??
Q 5 who is engaged in a better storyline currently ???

Administrator answers:

Confused a little bit, do you want us to name who we think are the two, and then answer the questions, or are we supposed to use Kane and Big Show?

For Kane and Big Show:
Q1- Not destroyed but they have hurt them.
Q2- No
Q3- Kane
Q4- Big Show
Q5- Big Show, I like his DB and Mark Henry feud.

Daniel asks…

I m studying the working condition of employees in Insurance sector Please help me?

Hello friends i m basically making a project on study of working condition of employee insurance sector could anyone please answer the following questions:-
Q1. What are the various benefits working in Insurance sector?
Q2. What are the working conditions?
Q3. What is good to join a Public insurance Sector or a Private Insurance Sector?
Q4. What are the normal pay scale a employee get while working as a senior employee in Insurance sector?
Q5. Are the employee working in Insurance sector gets special benefits from government like tax rebate etc.

Please answer these question as this is an urgent request because i have to submit my project on coming Monday so people please help me!!!

Administrator answers:

There isn’t a fast and easy answer on this, as there is wide variance by position and type of insurer. The question is way too vague and open ended to answer here.

**sigh** I answer questions that are FUN to answer, or get my goat. This is a very boring, homework style question.

You’re not going to find my answers useful, therefore, it’s probably a waste of my time to answer.

1. Various, depending on location, market conditions, and employer type. Goes from none at all, to health, dental & vision with cafeteria plans for dependent care/ medical expenses, 401K w/ matching cont, or pension plan, or simple IRA, and may include bonuses or commissions.

2. Wildly varying by employer type, location, and position. Mostly in office, some travel, with heavy people skills, high tolerance for difficult customers, very strong contract analysis & problem solving skills, while multitasking furiously. If you like it, it’s way fun. I love it.

3. Public sector insurance is a government job working in medicare benefits. No one wants to hire an ex government employee – I’d go private every time. But you probably mean something different by public vs. Private. Vague question, though, so you get MY answer.

4. Varies wildly from nothing (when you aren’t producing, on a straight commmission basis) to millions, including performance bonuses.

5. No.

Mandy asks…

What are your thoughts on God?

1. Do you believe in God?
2. Do you believe He sent His Son to die on the cross for your sins?
3. Do you believe in Satan?
4. What about Heaven vs. Hell?
5. Do you believe in sinning?

Last, do you think you’re a ‘good’ person?

If not, what do you believe?


Administrator answers:

Q1. Do you believe in God?
Ofcourse Yes!No Gog means no creator and without creator no creation so no me no u…

Q2. Do you believe He sent His Son to die on the cross for your sins?
I don’t.God don’t have any son.He is Creator,Lord of all.He don’t have any family bcz He is not a human.I don’t believe in having son n no wife

Q3. Do you believe in Satan?
If good exists then also evil exists..

Q4. What about Heaven vs. Hell?
Heaven and hell are the final results of our life.everything has an end…and the end of this world is the starting of heaven n hell

Q5. Do you believe in sinning?
Its all deeds

Q6. Do you think you’re a ‘good’ person?
I m trying to be:)

John asks…

RHH: Is anyone cooler than Koncept?

Check this out:

He responded to every single comment on there.

I’ve seen rappers that communicate with fans on the internet but you gotta respect the fact that he thanked every single approving comment he received.

Just wanted to share…

BQ: What rapper would you be most surprised to see posting sh*t on Youtube?
BQ2: J57 or J. Rawls?
BQ3: Last album you heard… rate 1-10

RHH2: Post a dope track… anything really
For me:

RHH3: Buy or Sell: Loco-motive grows on you every time you listen to it. It’s becoming one of my favorite tracks this year.

NRHH: Generally, do you think that you have everything you feel that you need in life?

Q1: Physics vs Chemistry
Q2: Tag vs Hide&Seek
Q3: XXL vs Complex
Q4: AC vs Fans
Q5: Fall vs Spring
Q6: Worst Verse vs No Verse
Q7: R&B vs Post-Rock

Administrator answers:

That’s pretty awesome I gotta admit. He must have some time on his hands though, but it means a lot that he took the time to do that.

BQ: Jay-Z. He doesn’t seem like the kinda guy, ’cause he’s rich so he just pays people to do it for him.
BQ2: I dunno them.
BQ3: Living Things by Linkin Park (shut up). I’d give it 7.5.

RHH2: Little Fish by WaMoo Papez

RHH3: I haven’t heard it yet. I’m gonna wait ’til the album drops to listen to anything else. I have a lot of mixtapes I’m going through right now and I want to have my plate clean for Life Is Good and Channel Orange.


Q1: Chemistry
Q2: Tag
Q3: I don’t read either to be honest.
Q4: AC, duh
Q5: Spring
Q6: Do you mean would I prefer to have the worst verse on a song rather than not have a verse at all? I’d take no verse, ’cause I’d at least save face.
Q7: R&B

Lisa asks…

NFL: QB Vs QB….who is top dog?


Compare each man in HIS PRIME!

Each man has just been signed, is entering the PRE but is told by the coach it is Mano-A-Mano for BOTH men vying for the starting job on his respective team:

Q 1. Who gets the starting nod: Ben Roeslisberger Vs Terry Bradshaw

Q 2. Who gets the start: Tony Romo Vs Troy Aikman

Q 3. Who is starting: Colin Kaepernick Vs Joe Montana

Q 4. Who starts: Aaron Rodgers Vs Brett Favre

Q 5. Who is starting: Peyton Manning Vs John Elway

Q 6. Who starts: Russell Wilson Vs Warren Moon
@ Goldfly ~ thank you. To clarify, the man listed first is the team represented.
@ everyone thinking Q 3 is a joke: sincere question BECAUSE 1849er fans are talking like Kaepernick is their next Dynasty Savior.

Administrator answers:

Q1:Big Ben.Bradshaw was on argurably the best defense in NFL history,so he had it easier.Ben has better stats also and he is more consistent.
Q2:Romo.This coming from a Cowboys fan by the way.Aikman was very overrated.He had one of the best o-line’s in NFL history,a very good defense,a top 5 RB of all time,one of the best WRs of all time,ect the list keeps on going on.Aikman’s stats were by no means impressive either.Romo has better stats in every way you can think of.For example take today’s game for example.Aikman down 31-17 with less than 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter.He couldn’t have tied the game.Aikman didn’t have the arm strength,quick release,the accuracy,and the precision of Romo.Romo is also a lot more Mobile.I would like to see Aikman go on a bad offensive lineman and try to dodge multiple sacks like Romo does every week.
Q3:Montana.Is this some kind of a joke?Montana has 4 SuperBowls and Kaep doesn’t even have 5 career wins.
Q4:Rodgers.Favre does have an impressive career,but that is only because he played for like 20 seasons.Rodgers is more consistent and he can throw the ball in tight windows unlike Favre.Does Rodgers choke?No he does not,and Favre has choked away a bunch of games.
Q5:Elway.Elway is a much better playoff QB.
Q6:Russell Wilson.He is young and he needs to play more games to build on his talent.

Sharon asks…

RHH: Compare the following 2012 Albums?

Q1: Mic Tyson VS. Dice Game
Q2: Us and Them VS. First of a Living Breed
Q3: Capturing the Sun VS. milk takes Baths
Q4: Dreams and Nightmares VS. God Forgives, I Don’t
Q5: ANX VS. The Heist
Q6: R.A.P. Music VS. Cancer 4 Cure
Q7: Life is Good VS. Russian Roulette
Q8: First of a Living Breed VS. Skelethon

Administrator answers:

Mic Tyson
Haven’t heard Us and Them
Do you mean Capture the Sun by Illogic and Blockhead”? It hasn’t been released.
The Heist
R.A.P. Music
Haven’t heard Russian Roulette.

Donna asks…

avengers vs xmen question?

Sorry for being outdated. My nephew begged me for the new avengers vs xmen series, and I scanned it a little bit before I gave it to him. And I just got confused…

Q1 – what happened to capt america? Wasn’t he killed by iron man on the civil war series? Wasnt that the whole selling point?

Q2 – is juggernaut dead? why does colossus have his helmet?

Q3 – Why is hulk red? does bruce banner have complete control?

Q4 – Did Xavier quit the Xmen?

Q5 – are rachel summers and hope, Cyclop’s daughter?

LAst Q, the most mind boggling of all, What’s up with Ms Marvel? Didn’t rogue kill her??

Sorry for so many questions, I am sooo outdated with Marvel :(

Administrator answers:

Q1- Captain America came back about 3 years ago, during Siege, I believe. He was “dead” for about 3 years… And then it was revealed he was shot with a bullet that took him through time, and didn’t kill him. He was saved from the time stream by his friends.

Q2 – Cain Marko, the first Juggernaut avatar, disappeared during Fear Itself. Colossus made a deal with Cytorak, the god that gave Juggernaut his powers, and got the Cytorak stone and the power to himself.

Q3 – The Red Hulk is not Bruce Banner. He is a different guy called General Ross.

Q4 – The X-Men quit Xavier, lol. After one too many times the X-Men found out the Prof lied to them, they lost their trust in him. Officially, he’s now retired and he lives off shore somewhere taking care of his son.

Q5 – Rachel is Cyclops’s daughter from another time-line. Hope is an orphan adopted by Cable, Cyclops’s son.

Q6 – No… Rogue took most of Carol’s powers and memories during the 80′s, which left Carol powerless and amnesiac. She recovered later, and got her full powers back.

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