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Your Questions About Q3 Vs Q5

August 1, 2013

Joseph asks…

Rap & Hip Hop: A few questions?

Q1: What albums are the best so far of this year?
Q2: Do you think “B*astard” by Tyler, The Creator will allow people to convert into darker/disturbing music more than usual? Also, what did you think of the album?
Q3: What albums have you put on your “throwback” playlist? (as in you’ve been playing a lot lately but they’re pretty old)
Q4: What’s your favorite non-RHH album(s) right now?
Q5: What’s something today that made you think?

Administrator answers:

Q1: Shaoling Vs Wu Tang, Gutter Rainbows, Greatest Story Never Told, R.E.K.S.
Q2: Bastard isn’t beeped out lol. But nah I don’t think that’ll be the album to do it maybe his next project “Goblin” will though. And Bastard was a great album, one of my favorites tbh.
Q3: I been listening to “4, 5, 6,” “Live and Let Die” and “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Kool G Rap for the past 2 weeks he’s my favorite artist right now.
Q4: Don’t really listen to whole NRHH albums
Q5: This question, school, mostly math class and the Tsunami about to hit my city is kinda worrying me, been thinking about that lol

Robert asks…

A little survey + Score predictions for tonight’s big match?

Q1: What’s your second favorite team/club?
Q2: What’s your second favorite sport?
Q3: A language you want to speak….fluently?
Q4: An athlete you wish to marry?
Q5: How old are you?
Q6: What do you want to be in the future? (I’m struggling on that!!!! HELP!!)

Score prediction for Real Madrid VS APOEL

Administrator answers:

Q1: Manchester United by heritage as it has been bred into my family. However, I find it extremely difficult to like or have a 2nd team. There can only truly be one.

Q2: Tennis

Q3: Spanish. I got an A at GCSE level in it but never pursued further study in the language.

Q4: I’m not gay…and female athletes are mostly…yuck.

Q5: 17

Q6: Doc (Hopeful)

I expect the team to largely consist of fringe players but at the same time expect nothing less than a comprehensive victory in favour of Los blancos. I’ll go for a 4-1 win in favour of Madrid. :D

Chris asks…

Nature vs nurture questionnaire – help?

My project title is ‘is our personality defined from the moment we are born?’ and I have to come up with with a questionnaire (about ten questions) to gather some information to analyse but I have no idea what kind of questions to ask? Help please?

Administrator answers:

Here are some sample Qs.
I hope it helps.
Q1. What is your age?
Q2. What is your gender?
Q3. What is your personality type?
Q4.Do you think your personality is the outcome of your thoughts or it is the way you were born with having no influence?
Q5. In your opinion can you change your present perceived personality or it cant be changed?
Q6. Do you think that others personality remains same or do it changes time to time?

I hope these help.

Lisa asks…

What album do you like more…….?

Your favorite album from the 90′s or your favorite album from the 2000′s?

Q2:What do you like more,your favorite rapper or your favorite rap group?
Q3:Factor or Kno?
Q4:Cypress Hill or UGK?
Q5:Moka Only or Classified

Administrator answers:

A Piece of Strange vs. ATLiens, I prefer A Piece of Strange.

Q2. Mr. Lif vs. Outkast, I prefer Outkast. Andre 3000 is slowly becoming my favorite MC.

Q3. Kno

Q4. Underground Kingz

Q5. Moka Only

Q6. Do you want more

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