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Your Questions About Q3 Vs Q5

August 17, 2013

Carol asks…

Anime poll/questionnaire (there are 15 questions)?

Q1 – What is your second favorite Anime?
Q2 – Your favorite AMV?, if you have one (include link)
Q3 – What song (in English) do you think fits your favorite anime and why?
Q1 – Your favorite Anime opening? (Include link, please)
Q2 – How often do you watch anime?
Q3 – Have you ever cried while watching an Anime, if so, which one(s)?
Q4 – How did you get into anime?
Q5 – What Anime, if any, do you think is underrated by most people and why?
Q6 – When dealing with ‘Airing’ Anime series, do you prefer to watch them as they come out, or, do you prefer to wait till all the episodes are out and why?
Q7 – How important is the background music in Anime to you?
Q8 – What genres do you like?
Q9 – What genres do you dislike?
Q10 – Your favorite Anime vs Your favorite American TV series with a storyline, which one all-in-all is better to you and why?
Q11 – Have you ever watched a whole anime (of any size) in one sitting, if so which one(s)?
Q12 – Which Anime has the best music all-in-all to you?
Q13 – Is there an anime that you refuse to watch, if so why?
Q14 – Have you ever watched the same anime(s) 3 times or more?
Q15 – What Anime(s) do you give (a) perfect score(s) to?
whoops, I messed up the number ordering, sorry guys!!

Administrator answers:

1. Kino no Tabi
2. Https://
3. Mad World – Gary Jules. Because in Kino no Tabi, Kino travels to these towns where they each have their own ‘problem’. Be it that it may be a town where they prevent everyone escaping so they can die in a volcano eruption or a town (which Kino is from) that makes an operation on children to turn them into loyal smiling adults and allows adults to kill their children if they misbehave. Or a town that goes to war because of a child’s story. It truly is a mad world.
1. UN-GO
2. Every day.
3. Yes. Clannad, Air, Kemono no Souja Erin.
4. Read a manga. Found anime later.
5. Denshinbashira Elemi no Koi. Definitely not traditional animation style the anime world and the story of a utility pole falling in love with a man sounds pretty weird. But it’s incredibly well made and the love story unfolds better than I would have thought. But most people brush it off.
6. As they come out. So I can partake in episode discussions while the series is still new. If I watch them once the show finishes, then they’res no-one to talk to/everything that I wanted to say had already been said.
7. Depends on the series. Like in Clannad. BGM was important in the visual novel, so it has to be important in the anime. Which is is. Perfect. But for other series, it doesn’t really matter.
8./9. All of them except for sport. Honestly, there are very few sport anime I like.
10. The anime is better. As much as I like Motorcity, it didn’t really have a chance when Cartoon Network didn’t even give it a scheduled airing slot. So they story ended up being choppy or scattered as episodes weren’t available. But I still adore it to death.
11. Yes. Brigadoon was my longest marathon. I’ve done a lot of 1 cour (12 ep) shows in 1 sitting but keeping track of that is useless.
12. Spice and Wolf. Every single track on the OST is enjoyable as a stand-alone song.
13. Initial D. Car racing, bad animation, and predictable plot. I know it’s a classic but I feel physically ill trying to watch it. Couldn’t even get past volume1 of the manga.
14. No. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
15. 1-262 are perfect 10′s:

Maria asks…

**Slammy Awards 2009 – Nominees..**?

1.Superstar of the Year
Randy Orton
CM Punk
John Cena
Chris Jericho

2.”DAMN!” Moment of the Year
Batista turning on Rey
Sheamus ending Jamie Noble’s WWE career
Jeff Hardy leaving the WWE

3.Match of the Year
Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker – WrestleMania 25
Edge versus Jeff Hardy Extreme Rules ladder match
No Way Out – Smackdown Elimination Chamber
Randy Orton versus HHH Bash at the Beach
Rey Mysterio versus Y2J Judgement Day

4.OMG Moment of the Year
Randy Orton punts Vince McMahon
Undertaker returns at Summerslam
CM Punk cashes in on Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules
Matt Hardy turns on his brother Jeff at Royal Rumble

5.Diva of the Year

Mickie James
Michelle Mccool
Beth Phoenix

6.Couple of the Year
Dolph Ziggler & Maria
Layla & William Regal
Vickie Guerrero & Eric Escobar
Edge and Vickie Guerrero

7.Extreme Moment of the Year
Jeff Hardy swanton bomb off ladder onto CM Punk on announce table at Summerslam.
John Cena chokeslammed through light at Backlash.
Kofi Kingston Boom Drop from railing onto Orton on a table at Monday Night RAW.
Edge enters RAW Elimination Chamber and wins World title at No Way Out.

8.Best Finisher
Rko – Orton
Starship Pain – John Morrison
Codebreaker – Chris Jericho
Killswitch – Christian
Air Bourne – Evan Bourne
Snap double underhook – drew mcintyre

9.Tag Team of the Year
Jerishow – Chris Jericho & Big Show
Legacy – Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
The Hart Dynasty – DH Smith & Tyson Kidd
DX – Shawn Michaels & Triple H
Mvp and Mark Henry

10. Worst Superstar Of The Year
Chavo Guerrero
Mike Knox
Charlie Haas

11.Announcer Of The Year
Jerry Lawler
Michael Cole
JIm Ross
Todd Grisham
Matt Striker
Josh Matthews
Byron Saxton

12. Best theme song

13.Best Guest Host:
Seth Green
Trish Stratus
Bob Barker
Jesse Ventura

14.Young Superstar of the Year
The Miz
Kofi Kingston
John Morrison
Jack Swagger

15. Best New Superstar

Drew Mcintyre
Abraham Washington
Yoshi Tatsu
Tyler Reks

Administrator answers:

Q1) Chris Jericho
Q2) Jeff Hardy leaving the WWE
Q3) Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker – WrestleMania 25
Q4) Randy Orton punts Vince McMahon
Q5) Maryse
Q6) Dolph Ziggler & Maria
Q7) Edge enters RAW Elimination Chamber and wins World title at No Way Out.
Q8) Starship Pain – John Morrison
Q9) Jerishow – Chris Jericho & Big Show
Q10) Chavo Guerrero
Q11) Jerry Lawler
Q12) Raw
Q13) Seth Green
Q14) John Morrison
Q15) Sheamus

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