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Your Questions About Sparkling Bronze

August 10, 2013

Ruth asks…

What are the best shades of eyeshadow for brown eyes?

I always wear neutral, but on some REALLY big occasions, I like to add some smooth color like light blue, or creamy purple. For my every day look, I wear Clinique NEW Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in either Sparkling Nude or Muffin (I change shades all the time). For eyeliner, I wear Clinique Cream Shaper in Egyptian every day and Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara for my eyelashes…
What color eyeshadows look best on dark brown eyes?

Administrator answers:

When looking for eye shadow that would appeal best to your eye color or outfit, it’s important to take the color of your eyes, like in your case, and find the color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel than your eye color. So for dark brown eyes, an eye shadow with blue in it will definitely appeal to your eyes. Here are more examples:

Some nice everyday looks: copper, bronze, champagne (soft pink with a touch of apricot), brown (for a doe-eyed look), beige, and khaki-green (lighter shades add highlight)

Something that really Pops: tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, lime-green (the contrast adds punch to brown)

Mark asks…

What makeup should I wear with a short white and green dress?

I got a short white and green floral dress for my birthday dinner. I really want something natural, simple and pretty. I’ll be wearing these floral forever 21 earrings, my hair’s going to be in a ponytail with a side bang.
PS: I have dark skin, I sometimes wear foundations in cocoa bronze if that can help :)

Administrator answers:

I would go with a sparkly bronze color, something just off your skin color but has some sort of pop to it (like the sparkles). And add a small amount of dark green just above the eyes, but be careful! Going too high can make you look trampy. And green DOES look good on dark skin, thank you very much!

Paul asks…

Can you recommend me a good bronzer, preferably from sephora?

The bronzers I’ve tried from sephora are tarte’s park avenue princess which is really good, too faced sunbunny, but that has too much sparkle, and guerlain terracotta in 02 which looked brick red on me. I have fair skin, oily skin. I am thinking of getting benefit’s hoola or cargo’s bronzer. Please, out of experience help me find a good bronzer.

Administrator answers:

BeneFit!! Their Hula bronzer is soooo nice. I have super pale skin and it worked really nice on me. I also like their 10 powder (bronzer + highlighter). On my clients that are a more medium skin-toned I have been using Clinique True Bronze in Sunblushed and it looks fab. The lighter color is Sunkissed, and it looks very nice although I haven’t used it on any clients yet. I’ve been eyeing their new Almost Bronze, haven’t tried it out yet, but it when I looked at it, the Light/Medium shade looked like it would work really nicely on fair skin. There are two colors to blend. :)

And Guerlain is yuck. I have yet to love anything of theirs. Waste of money if you ask me.

Last but not least, bronzer can make you look DIRTY if you don’t use a big fluffy brush to apply it. Especially if you are fair skinned. Remember: BIG FLUFFY brush. You want a sun kissed glow, not streaks of brown. Ick.

Hope that helps! :)

Joseph asks…

What color of makeup would go with a gold shirt?

I have a dance recital this week and I don’t know what color of makeup would go with the costume. We have to wear this tank top that’s a gold/tan/yellow color with sparkles and black pants. What color of makeup would go with that? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You could wear gold at the front of ur eyelid and than smoke it out with bronze and a tint of black at the corner of ur eye with black eyeliner.

Nancy asks…

How can i get shiny bronzed shoulders and arms?

My prom is in 2 weeks and i have a really pretty strapless dress that shows off my shoulders and arms. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the effect of sleek shiny bronzed arms and shoulders that a lot of celebs do. Im going tanning on the side but it doesnt make them bronzed or shiny. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks for your time! :)

Administrator answers:

Use “loreal sublime glow daliy moisterizer and skin tone enhancer” its got little sparkles in it that make you really shiny and glowing! But it doesnt really do good on the taning, but just put it on like 1-2 hours befor you put your dress on and you’ll have moviestar arms;) be sure not to put any under your arm pits where your dress would be cause it will rub off and make the dress orange BUT if this does happen it comes off in the wash, but since its a dress get it down at the dry cleaner. Have a fun time at prom:)

Betty asks…

What Is The Best Makeup Product You Own?

Mine would have to be my M.A.C Indian wood Paint pot.It’s a great base for eye shadows and it can be worn alone as a creamy eyeshadow and the gold color looks great on my bronze skin.

Administrator answers:

So here are some of my personal faves
I love the mascara because it really separates each lash and makes it more voluminous
Powder brush
Powder bronzer
halo effect
The brush is sooooooo soft
The bronzer really gives you that perfect just got back from the beach look
The halo effect give you a little sparkle
Bare essential:
Coverup brush
bare mineral foundation
it gives you that rite amount of coverage with out being to heavy, it matches your actual skin tone and looks natural
Urban Decay(pricey but worth it)
it pops
Bath &body works:
all lip glosses
they nourish your lips and look fabulash

Time to go shopping!

Sandra asks…

What kind of makeup to do for picture day?

I’m a sophomore and I have light blonde hair blue eyes and was thinking a classic smokey eye or a bronze smoky eye opinions? Suggestions? Oh I have fair skin

Administrator answers:

With your fair skin and fair hair I probably wouldn’t do it for picture. Though you’d probably look totally adorable, a picture is a little different because of the lighting.
I would do something a little more natural.
Dark brown eye liner (avoid black, it can come of too strong) and use a medium/dark eyeshadow on the lid and a creamish color just right underneath the eyebrows and blend.
Mascara as usual.

Use your foundation as necessary along with any concealer. But make sure to blend it. Avoid any bronzers with shimmer or glitter this will catch the light a weird way and cause your makeup to look patchy.
I love a little bit of translusent powder to add a soft touch and some blush (again void sparkles and shimmer)
hope this helps!

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