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Your Questions About Sparkling Bronze

August 23, 2013

Michael asks…

Difference between bronze powder and normal powder?

I know the bronze powder makes the tan pop out and the normal one makes your skin matte and gives it a bit of more colour, but is there much difference? I have the normal one but I wanted to know if the bronze one made any big difference, I didn’t want to spend more money on a bronze one if there is no big difference between the normal one. Does it make +/- the same effect?

Administrator answers:

You shouldn’t wear bronzer from Mac because it has a lot of sparkles in it unless you’re going to put it on top of a foundation. I reccomend a skin matte it would show more of a beautiful natural look and have a really nice smooth finish. Especially if you’re going to school guys hate to see a stack load of makeup on a girls. Hope I helped you honey.

Mark asks…

Is it ok if i pit a little glitter bronze powder on my legs?

Is it ok if a 36 year old woman pits a little sparkle powder on her legs at night?

Administrator answers:

You have to be sure it all gets washed off before you go to bed. You will itch if it gets on the sheets.

Linda asks…

Whats a good tan in the can that makes your brown instead of orange ?

Jergens Natural Glow makes me orange not the bronze look i want, whats a tanner that gives bronze instead of orange ?

Administrator answers:

Hi, if you’re looking for a good, quality fake tan that’s instant and you don’t have to wait for the results i would highly recommend Loreal Sublime, its got a lovely golden bronze glow and a hint of sparkle that when the sun shines on your skin it has an almost celeb like matt look. You can get Medium Dark and Light depending on your skin colour but definately worth they buy, if u buy cheap ones they’re rubbish and never do they’re job right.

Hope this helps :)

Carol asks…

Neutral make up looks for blonde hair, brown eyes?

I’ve been wearing make up for about a year now and I would like to wear a little more neutral colors because before I wore some sparkle browns, eye liner on top and bottom, and mascara. During the summer I’ve just been wearing eyeliner on the bottom and mascara and I like that but I would like to start wearing eye shadow again for high school. I just need some ideas on what colors to wear, and how to wear them for an quick and easy everyday look. Videos, tips, or comments anything will help! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Neutrals like golds/bronzes/soft browns are great for brown eyes. All colour eyes for that matter
Use one of the above colours all over the lid
Take a chocolate/dark brown and apply on the crease (for definition)
Champagnes/Whites with pink undertones on the inner corner and brow bone (brighten up eyes and highlight them)
If you want some colour go with soft pinks, lilacs, greens and denim blues

A peachy pink blush will finish off the look and brighten your overall complexion

Hope this helped :)

Donald asks…

How long should I leave self tanning lotion on?

I’m using Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion. How long should I leave it on? half an hour?
The self-tanning lotion has sparkles in it. So I’m pretty sure you have to rinse it off.
Thanks. I guess I have to keep re-applying. But, I think I’m going to try to a different brand. Since somebody said that this brand tests on animals, and also I hate the sparkles. :)

Administrator answers:

You don’t rinse it off. Read the bottle, I’m sure it won’t say anything about rinsing it off. I use a cream self tanner, and never rinse it, it’s not the same as a spray tan.

Like I said, read the bottle. It should say “instructions for use” or something like that. If it has sparkles in it, it’s meant to be left on so your skin looks sparkly all day.

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