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Your Questions About Sparkling Bronze

June 4, 2012

Ruth asks…

gold or bronze eyeliner?

i have light green eyes, and my mom made me wear less makeup and i realized what a clown i looked like, i wore soooooo much carbon black eyeliner and mascara…eww. so rite now i just have a charcoal color eyeliner, and a black one. so i have 2 wait till those run out lol. i have black brown mascara.

so both bronze and gold make my eyes really stand out. especially gold though. im going towards the natural look now. im okay with sparkle, i prefer no sparkle though. should i get bronze or gold? whats a good DRUGSTORE brand gold or bronze eyeliner? is this in gold good?:
or this in bronze?:
or this one?:

or is this milani one good(where can i get milani stuff?)?:


Administrator answers:

I think bronze would be awesome with green eyes. I like the second link you had the best.

Sharon asks…

What makeup should I wear with my prom dress?

I am wearing a prom dress that is has many silver sparkles, with pink undertones. My skin is bronze complexion, and silver does not look especially well with my skin tone. Gold does though, but I believe it would not go with my dress. Is there any other color that would work? Thank you! ^_^
like, what color eyeshadow that isn’t grey or silver?

Administrator answers:

Smoky eyes always win :)

Lisa asks…

Does this paragraph sound like shyt, please only honest reviews?

Tall pillars of stone rose high above the courtyard, casting long shadows upon the hushed crowd below. The glint of steel and bronze sparkled from their armor under the scorching sun, as every now and then the faint clatter of spears and shields echoed down empty corridors.

Administrator answers:

You painted a picture in two sentences. Very, very good! :o )

Sandy asks…

How should I color my hair?

I was thinking about using Feria hair color, should I try Brazilian Brown, Bronze Shimmer, Sparkling Amber or Caramel Kiss? Also I herd that henna was a safer option for relaxed hair what are the results of the coloring I herd it only colors red what shade of red?

Administrator answers:

Henna is a translucent red, it won’t lighten and it’s more orange than red in low concentrations. Henna makes blondes into redheads, redheads into true redheads, and brunettes get auburn hair. True black hair gets red highlights in the sun. It’s a progressive dye, and thus each time you henna you get more red, imagine laying down layers of clear red plastic. It gets darker and deeper red each time, but your natural color always determines your final color. Very dark hair will have a more subtle change, black hair will look shinier but the red only shows in the sun.

You can add other plants to change the color of henna, but never to lighten. It will make your hair extremely shiny and bright, it will soften and relax tight curls and reduce frizz, and it will help offset damage your hair has undergone, but henna can’t take away any color. So more shine and brighter hair, but never truly lighter hair.

If your hair is fragile and you would like to try henna, I would suggest a finer sift. Mehandi has a henna labeled for African and fragile hair. Since henna is like mud, you want something that won’t be tough on your hair when you get it in and wash it out. Smooth mud rather than chunky is easier on damaged and fine hair. Jamila is another brand of henna, from Pakistan, that’s known for having a very fine sift, and it makes a silky paste.

Nancy asks…

I have a 12″ angel that was a gift from a friend. It was coated with a silver sparkle coating .?

The coating has turned to a dull bronze look. My question is there a silver sparkle type paint I can spray the angel with to make it look pretty again? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Michael’s does have Silver Glitter in a Spray can ;) ))

Mandy asks…

What eyeshadows and tecniques would you say were best for making smoky eyes?

Im going out tomorrow night to a party and i would love to make smoky eyes and have really nice make up on, i already bought a mineral foundation powder in nude with a touch of sparkle and its really nice on me.
I also bought rimmel london’s beach bronze long lasting lipstick thats pretty nice on me to!
its just my eyes.
So down to the eyes,
i want nice grey smoky eyes can you tell me how ti do it in like 15 minutes??

Administrator answers:

You can try this:

Its grey and a little light but if you like it, try it :)

Or you can do a smoky eye using just eyeliner. Take a pencil liner, line your eyes, so waterline, tightline, lashline and bottom of your eye a little more than usual. Then take a sponge applicator and smudge your eyeliner until you get your desired look.

This one is good also:

Hoped that helped! :D

Charles asks…

How should I do my makeup for a wedding?

the wedding is today! i am wearing a black dress, i am not pale but not really tan. my hair is medium length brown. i have purple, blue, and black eyeliner. oh and my eyes are brown and really big. i have blush, and bronzer. i have sparkles for your eyes, i have chardonnay colored eyeshadow, and some victorias secret bronze collection eyeshadow. please help i dont know what to use!!

Administrator answers:

Use the black eyeliner, it shows up better in photography. Use the victoria’s secret bronze shadows, then do a sweep through the crease with the chardonnay to give it some extra oomph. Careful with the bronzer if it has a lot of shimmer to it…it does funky things when photographed. (Matte is a better choice if you know there will be pictures.) Suggestion, if your sparkles are light coloured consider using them sparingly above your cheekbones above your blush (like an illuminator)…this will diffuse light and create contour. Have fun!

Daniel asks…

What does “shimmer” mean? & what is the difference between shimmer, pearlescent, dewy, and irridesecnt?

I’m trying to buy a highlighter but I do not want glitter in it or any sparkles! Some products says dewy, pearly, iridescent, and shimmery. What does each one mean!! And does shimmer mean glitter? Cause Nars laguna bronzer says bronze shimmer, it looks like a nice bronzer but I hate glitter especially in a bronzer!

Administrator answers:

They all essentially mean the same thing. Shimmer will be the most noticeable, sort of similar to glitter in a sense, but finer….
Dewy will give more of an oilier look.
Pearlescent is a very fine shimmer
and iridescent will give the most natural of the looks, meaning you can’t really see it, but it has a very very low glow/shimmer to it.
Shimmer doesn’t necessarily mean glitter, it just has fine particles in it.
The laguna bronzer does have shimmers in it.i heard it has glitter too. But it will give you a glow

James asks…

How to do a smokey eye with this makeup ?

Okay, so eyeliners -
darkish grey,
sparkly black,
silver blue.

shiny grey;
about every plain color.

and i have black mascara.

so what i should do.. ?!

oh, and im doing it for like a everyday look, so nothing too dressy or whatever :) thanks !

Administrator answers:

If its liquid eyeliner use the black one and do a not too thick line along the top lash line and then do a small flick at the outside corner, it makes your eyes look longer and really pretty!
Then get an eyeshadow brush and use the shiny grey all over your eye lid and blend up a little. If its not dark enough for you, use some black eyeshadow on the outer corners were the flick is and blend it upwards as well.
If you have a black eyeliner pencil, run it along the bottom lash line to meet with the flick and rub your finger along it so its not too thick etc.
Lastly, if you have eyelash curlers, curl them. Then run your mascara along your eyelashes form root to tip, wiggling the brush as you go!

Hope I helped xx

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