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Your Questions About Sparkling Bronze

December 15, 2012

John asks…

are there any bronzers without the glittery sparkle?

I just bought this bronzing powder by Loreal.
Well its glittery. Why is there glitter? is there any bronzer w/out the glitter?

Administrator answers:

I definitely recommend physicians formula. Its baked and has spf in it so its great for your skin and its alot cheaper then bare minerals.

Betty asks…

does my avatar look ok for the P&S prom?

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What I’m trying on

What I’m wearing
Face 1 w/Light Brown EyesBrown Upswept Hair
Silver Cascading EarringsBlack & Pink Beaded NecklaceLeopard-Print Tote Bag
Sparkling Diamond Tiara
Bronze & White Criss-Cross MinidressHigh School Prom Dancing Background

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sorry but go by my avatar.

Administrator answers:

Just “beautiful” !!!

Charles asks…

Good brand of eyeshadow that won’t wear off?

I’m looking for good (bronze colored) eye shadow (I’m african american). I’m trying to go for a natural-ish look, but I still want it to make my eys sparkle, a little. I’ve been using a bronze color on my eyes for a while now, but it always seems to wear off after about an hour. Does anyone know of some good quality eyeshadow, that won’t wear off.

Administrator answers:

Eye shadows tend to wear off unless you use a primer, You don’t have to buy something terribly expensive to get your eyeshadow to stay on longer..either use a primer or a cream based shadow before you put the actual shadow you want to use on.
This works because when you put eyeshadow by itself the powder does not have anything to stick to so it wears off a lot easier, when you put something cream based on first the shadow sticks to the cream or primer keeping your eyeshadow on much longer!
Hope this was helpful :)

Laura asks…

How does this sound?

One evening, in a world very differant from our own, a strange crowd had gathered under the pillars of an ancient courtyard. Not only were there peasants and slave-boys dressed in rags, but more impressively, a large army stood amongst them. The glint of steel and bronze sparkled from their armour, as every now and then, the clashing of spears echoed down empty corridoors.
At the far end of the courtyard and built up against a granite wall, there rose a dais with two golden thrones in the center. Their occupants looked very grim. One could think that they appeared to be statues and not living things at all.

Administrator answers:

The descriptions are very vague. First you say that the world is very different from our own, but you don’t say how. Is it smaller? Barren? Less-developed? Does it have green sky and blue grass? And when you say “our world” do mean the current world that is Earth in the year 2008?

Next you say that a strange crowd had gathered under the pillars of an ancient courtyard. Well, what makes the crowd “strange”? Purple hair? Piercings? Do some of the people have three eyeballs?

Also you say the courtyard is ancient, well, what makes it ancient? Is it crumbling or cracked? Covered in grime?

Next you go on to say “not only were there peasants” but up until that line, the reader has no idea that there are peasants there; you only mentioned a strange crowd in ancient courtyard.

After that, you mention slave-boys. How does the reader know they’re enslaved? Are they chained? Branded? Are they slaves because of their race? Are there any slave-girls?

Then you go on to mention a large army, though the reader doesn’t know how large. Is it an army of hundreds, thousands, or millions? And why are their spears clashing? Are they fighting amongst themselves or just putting on a show?

Finally you mention two grim figures on thrones, you don’t describe whether these figures are men, women, or even human. Are they regal looking monarchs or war-torn veterans? Also, how does looking grim translate to looking like a statute?

Really, it’s very difficult to picture the scene or really even figure out what’s happening and why it’s happening.

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