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March 24, 2013

Charles asks…

How is my short story??????????Best answer 10 points?

This is my short story.
1- tell me how it is
2-tell me how to improve (constructive critisism)
3-It has to be 500 words but it exceeds the word limit by 100 words so how to make it short

I sat by the door, listening to the fast footsteps that arrived closer and closer. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I accepted the invitation from him. His gracious face, sparkling sapphire eyes, cascading curls of luxuriant bronze hair and at last his warm smile drew me closer and closer until I reached this deserted house. Years had passed since he left me here, all alone. Everything, almost my life started again on 1st January, 1994. I was born again in a new life when I met him, Albert. Near “Rozz” restaurant, he stood surrounded by hot, sexy girls with bright bikinis, mini dresses and skirts. He looked perfect in his thin white t-shirt that showed the traced of his six packs and black jeans. At the corner I stood in a long flowery summer dress. I wasn’t a good looking girl that the guys will admire and faint when they see me but I had average looks with pale skin, shiny black hair that is always up in a bun and bright black eyes like a cat. I should’ve known this wouldn’t happen, Albert and I together but I lost my heart to him, the moment I met his magnetic eyes that pulled me towards him. Gracefully, his hands took mine and I could feel jealousy looking eyes onto me.

“Wanna date, babe?” he whispered as he slowly kissed me from my neck to cheeks. Before I could answer, our lips interlocked a long, unbreathable kiss. I could taste sweet candy on his bright red lips.

“Um….”I sighed. “I have a boyfriend already” I said avoiding his eyes.

“That’s it…I thought you were going to say that you were a vampire like twilight…Just a boyfriend, so what?” he asked. “I have girlfriend too” he said pointing to a group.

Without sounding unduly curious, “Which one?” I asked, searching for the most beautiful girl in that group.

“Which one?” he said with mock astonishment as he laughed a rough but lovable one. “All of them, dear” he said lifting my chin up. Our gaze met and he tightened his grip on my hips.

“Wanna date?” he repeated with a controlled smile as we waited for my answer. I looked down again, unsure of what to say. I didn’t want to betray my boyfriend who I had been with for 6 months but I also didn’t want to miss my golden opportunity.

“Yes” I agreed with a sense of guilt.

We were a happy couple for a couple of months. He even arranged a party to meet his family and I accepted his invitation. And here I am, in this deserted house which I couldn’t leave as I get lost every time I escape. Albert, I hate this name, I hate him. I learnt my lesson now that I should always look for good hearts and not for good looks.

I had been a real stupid to leave my beloved boyfriend, James. He loved me so much and I did too.
The footsteps arrived much closer now and to my surprise, it was James.

“James” I cried as I ran and hugged him. “I missed you.”

He pushed me against the wall and dragged a dead body.

“I thought that you would miss Albert as well…so here you go” he laid the body in front of me.

“You…you killed him…it was all you…you put me here for…”

“your betrayal, honey” he said. “I let you together for 6 months to show the pain that I suffered…and now it’s all over…oh no…going to be over” he said as he came towards me with a sharp knife.

I closed my eyes in fear and IT NEVER OPENED.

Administrator answers:

Good short story. I love it.

What i don’t love is how you wrote it. I could tell you were trying with the description but you kinda fail. But if you rewrite it again, then it would be a perfect story.

I really did like it. I felt bad for the girl kinda. Because it seems like she really liked the rich guy idk if she REALLY liked him cuz when she thought she was being dumped she started thinking about James.

Who knows. Your good though

Ruth asks…

Is this a good outfit to wear to a dance party?

I am going to a private party at my friends chalet. At night, they hired a DJ who will play dance music. The dress code is club wear. I am 5′ 3″ tall, am thin with dark blonde hair.

My potential outfit:
- silver necklace with a medium size bronze pendant
- silver sparkle orb earrings
- white tube top (or should I go with a black tank top?)
- three silver bracelets on my left hand
- black mini skirt (cloth or leather?)
- glossy pantyhose (suntan or black?)
- thick white over the knee wool socks
- black knee high platform boots with high heel (stiletto heel boots or block heel?)

Is this a good outfit for a dance party? Please help, your advice is very important to me!
For all the people who responded, thank you soooooooooooo much!

Just an explanation into some of my choices.

1. white tube top or black tank top – the tube top looks hotter but tank tops seem to have less chance of falling off when dancing

2. cloth or leather mini skirt – leather looks nicer, cloth is more flexible

3. suntan or black glossy pantyhose – suntan makes it look like my bare legs are flawless and have a nice tan to them while black is more mysterious

4. white over the knee wool socks – this seems to look hot plus the thick wool socks give me padding so dancing in heels is less tiring

5. stiletto or block heel knee high boots – stiletto looks prettier but the block heels are easier to balance on

Administrator answers:

Definitely the white tube top
For the mini skirt, cloth.
Suntan pantyhose
Maybe exclude the wool socks…
For the shoes, definitely the stiletto heel boots ;) lol
I love the outfit though, it sounds perfect for a dance party!!

James asks…

Do you think this is any good? Is my writing okay? (It’s Twilight FanFiction)?.?

I’m thirteen, I love Twilight. I decided to write a fanfiction. Please tell me if you like it, or what I should change. I’ll take any and all POSITIVE criticism. Please help me (:

( Preface )

I stared into the eyes of my old friend, unmoving and cautious. My muscles tensed and were ready to spring at any given moment. It would be easy to kill them both, but then the guards would have gotten to me afterwards. But who cares; at least those traitors would get what they deserved.

Then a thought occurred to me; I should leave. I should give me and my friends another day to live. I should surrender right now and allow the safety of my coven.

Wait, no. I can’t. I won’t be influenced that easily. Then a hand touched mine, and I instantly understood my doubt as fear. But this isn’t my fault; they caused this. They are the reason for this monster I’ve become. Not me.

( Chapter 1 )

It all started when I was lured to disaster by an inhumane beauty. My death was triggered by my need for sex; an addiction of mine that I didn’t really want to cure.

I remember the pain that surged through my entire body. I thought I was in hell, destined to burn and suffer for all of eternity.

I guess I deserved it. Religion was one of the many things that I left behind when I abandoned my childhood home.

But then the pain dulled and eventually vanished all together.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I must have been reincarnated. If that was true, I would vow to change the ways of my previous life, and live right by the Bible. No sex until I marry; I’ll try not to lie as much; I’ll go back and see my father; and maybe even help out my mother, I mean dealing with cancer isn’t easy.

But I couldn’t really concentrate when I was marveling over this new body.

God must have been merciful to give me a body with such great benefits. My senses were far greater than my previous life, and I felt much stronger. The only thing that disturbed me was that searing pain at the back of my throat. I’d have to get used to that.

The first thing that crossed my mind was my well being. How am I alive? Am I a new person, or am I just revived or “restarted?” The second thing was the setting in which I seemed to have been placed in. It was a remote area and the ground was covered in snow. And even though I was wearing only one layer and my clothes were soaked, I wasn’t cold; not even the slightest bit. Warm even.

And my toffee bronze skin dazzled! I mean literally, it was sparkling!

I had to touch it.

But when I did I instantly regretted it.

I touched my skin and images of teeth sinking into my neck flooded my mind.

I wasn’t surprised though. I had always been able to do that. See the past of things in the form of dreams. I kept it from my parents easily, but they eventually found out, and they judged me too harshly on it. They even tried to beat it out of me. They said it was unholy. So I ran away.

I could see the past easily though. Once I even slept in my moms bed and found out just exactly the anatomy of my parents. It was disgusting. I shuddered at the thought.

But I didn’t know the curse that haunted me in my previous life would follow me into this one. And I didn’t know it would take such an interesting twist, either. Sigh. I guess that’s another price to pay. A warning from God, I guess. Well I will no longer be ignorant of the word. Hopefully. And maybe I won’t be such a curse.

That’s what my parents called me. A curse. I was a curse to those vile creatures. Wait. How can I remember them? I’ve been reincarnated. Reborn into a better body. God was merciful to me. But if I was reborn how can I remember things from my previous life? How am I a man, still? Did I skip childhood, or did I just forget about going through it? Who are my new parents? All these question were going through my mind in no time. But I still had room in my mind to think of other things; like my skin, and that angel-like beauty that flashed me her body. What a wondrous body that would be to penetrate. I would prop her up and—no sex. I wonder if I’m still a virgin. I mean if I can’t remember my childhood would God put that against me? Well from what I’ve heard He is not that mean.

I wondered where I was for the second time. Hopefully there are people in this place, or town, or whatever I am.

Only one way to find out, I had to find shelter.

Administrator answers:

It is $hit.
Grow up.

Susan asks…

out of these perfumes, which should i choose for the summer (anyone good with scents)?

based on description because it’s online.

1) “She Walked Delicately”
She had been known to wonder into the cool fading light of the approaching twilight, collecting wildflowers and breathing in the silence and solitude of the blossoming nightfall. In bare feet she walked delicately, almost silently, slipping gracefully through the tall grasses and low trees. Each night, pausing to gaze into the reflected moon on the still glass pool where the wild narcissus grew, she remembered him. Delicate and demure, hauntingly feminine. Sweet and fresh without being cloying or heavy.
Notes of: lotus blossom, bergamot, bamboo leaves, summer apples, jasmine, white amber, green musk, and sparkling narcissus

A sultry and steamy scent for those balmy summer nights. This is a stylish fragrance, perfect for when you need a grown up summer scent.
Notes of: warm amber, aged tonka beans, sweet vanilla patchouli, white musk, wild jasmine, verbena, and a touch of dry moss.

i want a light signature summer scent for both day and night time. nothing too strong or overly sweet. and something carefree and sexy.
which of the two should i get?

Administrator answers:

Is this about perfume or poetry?
Anyway, I get the best feelings about the first one.

Betty asks…

are there mineral make up ingredient substitutes?

I want to make mineral make up but i dont think i will be able to find the ingredients easily.Are there any substitutes for these ingredients?I want to make bronzer and finishing powder.

Ingredients/materials needed for making bronzer:

Micronized Titanium Dioxide
Bismuth Oxychloride
Sericite Mica – Pearl
Magnesium Stearate
Yellow, Red & Brown Iron Oxide Pigments
Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Essential Oil
Mortar & Pestle or Magic Bullet

Ingredients for making finishing powder:
3 parts Sericite Mica – Matt
1 part Corn Starch
1/2 part Boron Nitride
1/2 part Zinc Stearate or Magnesium Stearate
pinches of Sparkle Gold, Pearl Pink, & Bronze Mica powders

thank you

Administrator answers:

Coastal scents or DIY cosmetics have the required ingredients: www.coastal or

Most starches, Surfactants, emulsifiers & stabilizers are interchangeable i.e starch: rice flour can be substituted for corn flour.

Be careful when mixing the formulations & wear an ear loop mask so you don’t inhale the micro particles from the various powders you are mixing, probably give the bismuth oxychloride a miss also as from memory something like 70% of women have reactions to it (anything from small red spots to a full blown nasty rash) & it clogs your pores.

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