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Your Questions About Sparkling Bronze

June 4, 2012

James asks…

bronze dress, what color nails?

i got a dress for a party and its strapless. i think the base is black but there are bronze sparkles so it looks like the base is brown. i got shoes in the bronze color and now idk what color to do my nails? would black work? i dont want to do bronze or brown and maybe a french…
also i hate tips, so much.

Administrator answers:

Black one would be great for any evening dress in dark color. And it would be awesome for your dress, as i could imagine. Dont bother about sparkles which make the base look brown. No doubts the colors would ‘play’ and sparkle, so it would look sometimes black, smtm brown, smtm even bronze sparkling and all that stuff. Thus yeah, black nail polish would look awesome! Good luck!

Mark asks…

Mascara with bronze/copper sparkles ?

Hey guys ! im looking for a mascara that has bronze/copper sparkles in it ? not the yellow-gold kind. my budget is below $40 for mascara.

Administrator answers:

Physician’s formula works pretty well. And covergirl’s custom eyes mascara for brown eyes has a teensy bit which isn’t that noticeable. You don’t have to have brown eyes to get this mascara!! It works pretty well and is a lengthening mascara. As for department store mascaras, i don’t really recommend them. You’re supposed to throw out your mascaras 3 months after opening them so cheap mascaras are the way to go!
Hope i helped:)

Carol asks…

How should I put my makeup for prom?

I have brown hair and brown eyes. This is my dress:

I’m also going to wear sparkling gold bronze shoes.

Administrator answers:

Here are a few ideas, I suggest doing something with blue because the dress has blue in it.


Thomas asks…

What color blush do you prefer (natural, dark, bronze, etc.)?

Hey! I wear all kinds of looks, but my favorite blushers are usually in the “berry” shades. I think darker cheeks look great. What do you think?

Just some sparkle? Bronzer? Peach? Pink?

Thought it would be interesting to see all different opinions :)
Oh yes mentioning your skin tone, etc. might also be worth while! I have natural dark olive skin, brown eyes and black hair.

Administrator answers:

I tend to wear whatever goes best with the overall look that I have going on at the moment. Today for example I am wearing a pale pinky brown shade. I try to steer clear of anything too dark on my cheeks as I like to keep things looking as clean and natural as possible. Most days I wear peach based colours. My skin tone is medium.

Linda asks…

does my bronze tipped french manicure look weird?

this is the color i used. (it looks gold in the picture but its more of a bronze color.

this is my nails (it looks gold in this picture but its actaully bronze)

this is what my nail looks like in the dark (so it doesnt show any sparkles in the bronze :(

TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! i cant decide if its nice or not LOL cause i never see anyone wear this color so yeah :) i dont want to walk out looking like a fool. thanks

Administrator answers:

Your nails look SOOO pretty!!! If you did that yourself, good job :) I could never do that! I like them alot, I usually get nails with designs and a french tip too, but this looks really good! :) I might just have to get something similar done ;) lol!

Helen asks…

Will the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Medium wash away after a shower? Are the sparkles in it noticeable to others?

So I’m a guy and I hate the sparkles in it. I burn easily but I want a tan. So if I wash off the bronze before going to school, will the tan go away? Also, is the sparkles noticeable to other people? Because I notice it a lot, but I’m wondering if it’s noticeable to others. When I look in the mirror it’s not that noticeable. Lastly, can I go swimming in a pool for 2 hours or so and still have a tan?

Administrator answers:

That stuff is the second worst self tanner i’ve ever used. You can notice the sparkles, and my tan was SO streaky. If you want some self tanner that’s good and cheap get Jergans Natural glow ( do not get the one for fair skin ) or Coppertone gradual tan lotion. They sell both at Walmart. To answer the other questions, the stuff is a bitch to get off. So no, your tan will not come off in the shower or pool.

Betty asks…

What color should I paint my Toenails?

This is what I have:
Sparkly black
Clear pink
Emerald Green
Navy Blue
Neon Orange
Medium Red:
Greenish multicolor Sparkles
Purplish multicolor Sparkles
sorry no pics, thanks

Administrator answers:

Red! Classy and fabulous x

Mary asks…


Ok, so I need to find the Victoria Secret Beyond Bronze lotion. I want to try it but I believe they stopped selling it. Is there another place that might have it or something very similar to it? Its not like regular lotion. It comes in a bronze bottle and the lotion itself is bronze with fine golden sparkles/reflects in it. If anyone knows where else I could find it or an alternative that would be great.

Other info: Its not a tanning lotion its just a body bronzer/tinted moisturizer to help the skin glow.

Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Go to Victoria’s Secret website ( and check online. Also, if it is a discontinued item, you may have to wait for their semi-annual sale ( 2 times a year – January and June). They usually will have all their discontinued items for sale during this time.
Also, check out the product line “Carol’s Daughter”. You can go online, some Macy’s and some Dillard’s department store, and also Sephora carry their line. They may not have this exact thing, but something close to it.
And also try Bath and Body Works. They may have something similar as well.
Good Luck! I know it bites when one of your favorite products has been discontinued.

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