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Your Questions About X 103.9

August 28, 2013

Mandy asks…

103.9 the x is clasical?

and the x is gone how do you feel about that

Administrator answers:

Do you mean Classic Rock or Classical Music (i.e. Beethoven, Mozart)? More Classical radio is a good thing, thought it doesn’t work very often as a commercial entity. We had a Classical station here in DC for the past 60 years and last year it swtiched to Classic Rock. Going from Bach to a “Real Men of Genius” commercial really kills the mood.

Richard asks…

How do you get to that website?

How do you get to that website 103.9 the x?

Administrator answers:
Is that the website you’re talking about?

Daniel asks…

What is the name of this song, and who sings it? (More Details.)?

It’s a new song I hear it on X 103.9, but it doesn’t come out as often. In the beginning it sounds just like Green Day 21 Guns, It’s a new song, it’s like alternative Rock, and I am sure that it’s a Band, that is all I got.

Administrator answers:

It could be Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance.

When I heard it on the radio I also thought it’s 21 Guns.

Download it here for free:

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