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August 16, 2013

Michael asks…

I am trying to enlarge some pictures to 11 x 14 size from 4 x 6, any suggestions?

I made some copies of some pictures in 4 x 6 size black and white and would like to make them bigger to an 11 x 14.

I am trying to enlarge the pictures enough to have a facial picture of me, my husband, and our two kids(each picture separate for a total of four pictures) and wants to put a collage of the pictures on the wall, all black and white photos.

I am having trouble getting them bigger though, they are turning out fuzzy, is there anything I can do to make them bigger with no fuzziness and have this collage turn out like I am hoping it will?

Do you think this sounds like a neat idea?
I am definitily no pro photographer, although I think it sounds like a wonderful job, I love photography! …it is just that I am just using a plain Canon Digital Camera and have no idea what I am doing, sorry :)
I should probably also add that I went through past pictures of ours and personally hand picked photos for this project I am working on, for instance I took an already black and white picture of my husband and ordered it through snapfish as a 4 x 6 hoping to easily enlarge to a 11 x 14 but no so

Administrator answers:

The reason they are doing this, is that your taking a lower resolution picture, and trying to put it into higher resolution, resulting in the fuzzy. I would try taking them to a photo station to fix this, and enlarge properly, however if they still can’t you can also retake the pictures, and print them at a walgreens cvs pharmacy, in the size you want the pictures will turn out better this way.

And it sounds like a very cute idea.

Chris asks…

How would you find the answer to the math problem;12/x=14/3?

the 12 is on top of the x, and the 14 is on top of the three.
if you have like a formula that would be nice.
I know you have to like cross cancel or something to find the value of ‘x

Administrator answers:

Cross multiply–> 12*3=14*x –> 36 =14*x
devided by 14 –> 36/14=x –> 2,57142

check it: 12/2,57142=14/3 (isn´t it)

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