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June 13, 2013

Michael asks…

?x?=14 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

beside 7×2=14

Administrator answers:


Hope I helped :D

Daniel asks…

How much will a 11 x 14 frame cost at walmart?

I’m getting an 11 x 14 picture printed, I’m just trying to figure out about how much money I’ll need. If you know where I can find a cheaper one let me know.

Administrator answers:

The Walmart where I live has a display set up with wooden and metal frames with the glass, for $5.

Sharon asks…

What’s the name of the song playing while ezra & aria have sing in pretty little liars episode 2 x 14?

In the show pretty little liars ” if dolls could talk episode 2 x 14 , what is the name of the song playing in the back ground in the scene that Aria and Ezra are about to have sex?

Administrator answers:

“Wicked Game” by Gemma Hayes

George asks…

How do you find the limit of x-3 over x-14?

I asked this before but can’t add details. Sorry, it is as x approaches 14+. I’m not sure which direction it is from. Please explain why the answer is infinity.

Administrator answers:

Lim(x->14+)(x – 3)/(x – 14) = ?
Lim(x->14-)(x – 3)/(x – 14) = -?
Hence no limits exist

Edit: What is a number divided by zero?
X+ = as x approaches a from the right.
X- = as x approaches a from the left.
Lim(x->14+)(x – 3)/(x – 14) => so approaching 14+, means ?14.001 . ? , so that’s why you get +?

Robert asks…

Where do I get a digital picture made 11 x 14?

I want to make a picture that I have taken with my digital camera into the 11 x 14 size for a gift. Where do I go to get this done? Thank you.

Administrator answers:
i will recommend this stores by far they have done great prints for me. Kinkos or fedex dont do a great job.

Mary asks…

Recessed lighting- How many for 14 x 14 room?

I am putting some recessed lighting in a addition that is 14 x 14. My question is, how many should I put in to get a decent amount of light? Will 2 be enough, or should I put more in? They are 8″ recessed lighting housings.

Thanks for your time,


Administrator answers:

That size of a room …. You need at least 4 to get the right ammount of light…………….

Helen asks…

is carry-on luggage size of 9 x 14 x 22 an interior or exterior measurement?

I bought a carry-on suitcase that the tag says measures 9 x 14 x 22. That supposedly fits United Airlines’ criteria for carry-ons. However, the suitcase is taller than 22 inches when you include the handle and rollers. Will I have to check this bag?

Administrator answers:

It is the exterior measurement. Don’t worry about this, however.
Yous is perfect;y OK. The wheels don’t count, and the handle doesn’t either.

Ken asks…

how long does it take to print a 11 x 14 poster at walmart?

how long does it take to print a 11 x 14 poster at walmart?

Administrator answers:

Shouldn’t take long at all .. Couple minutes

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