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Your Questions About X 15

May 13, 2013

Laura asks…

What’s the best and cheapest paint for a 15 x 15 deck and how much should I get?

15 ft x 15 ft, it may be a bit larger but not by much. And also if you have any tips on applying the paint it will also help, thanks.

Administrator answers:

I’ll assume that your deck, like most consist of wood construction either using 2 x 4′s, 2 x 6′s or 4′ x 8′ sheets of 3/4″ plywood. In either case if your surfaces are clean and free of chips or dirt, you can use “exterior grade” water based latex in a satin finish (which I would not entirely recommend) or a oil-based semi gloss. The latex spreads easy, cleans easy, looks good, etc. But will not last as long as oil-base paint, especially when it come to high foot traffic areas. Oil is not a lot of fun to use as it requires a lot more of your close attention, thinner to clean up with, smells bad, etc., BUT, will last and not chip and wear out like the latex over a period of time. Either way, a gallon of either of them will run about $22 (cheap) to about $32 a gallon. Application is easiest with a regular roller and long handle, (you stand up and roll out the decking) I suggest you also buy a “wienie” roller for the hard to get at areas along with a 2 1/2″ good quality brush.
Total 2 gallons paint……………..$50
roller/handle/broom handle……..10
wienie roller a cover……………..8
1 gallon thinner……………………6
2 1/2 ” brush……………………..12
$ 86 + tax at Lowes’s / Home depot

Jenny asks…

How do I get the sand out of my above ground 4′ x 15 swimming pool?

I have an above ground pool 4 x 15 round, metal frame pool. We just put it up 2 weeks ago and everything is good but there is sand in the bottom. Probably from all the rain and it being uncovered when my neighbors mowed the grass. Its just the pump that came with it from Wal-Mart. Please help.

Administrator answers:

Wait till you get some water issues.. Like high ph. Or hardness or some thing some thing.. Do like above said .. Get water going in circles when all the dead bugs and sand gather in the middle ..start a syphon on your garden hose and get to sucking it out of pool ..

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