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August 5, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do I print files out as 11 X 17 prints?

For a class my professor says that for certain files we need to “print them out as 11″ x 17” prints. These files are maps or diagrams,and we will need to have them at a larger print size.” Can I do this at FedEx Office or is it simpler than that (as in I can do so on a normal computer)? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Your question is missing a few important details.
1- What kind of printer do you have, and is it large enough to print on 11×17 paper?
2- do you have 11×17 paper?
3- are these files you speak of already at 11×17 or do you need to stretch the images to fit?
4- (this is less important, but if you do have a printer capeable of printing said print job; what program are you using?, What format are these images (files) in?

To answer your question. Yes, you can print 11×17 inch prints on any computer (except maybe a commodore 64)
It may be easier for you to just throw the files on a flash drive (or a cd) and take them to a kinkos or a fed ex and have them print them out for you, its pretty cheap and they are very nice and helpful there

If you do have a printer that will work, post all the missing information and i will be more than happy to help you get it all set up


Lisa asks…

How many 6″ recessed lights do i need for a 17 X 17 room?

My other living room which is 12.5 X 16 i used (6) 5″ recessed lights and it seems to provide enough light? Would i be able to use (6) 6″ recessed lights for the 17 X 17 room? or do i need more?

Administrator answers:

They should be about every 6 feet. That would mean 9 in a 17×17 room that would be 3 rows of 3. You could elimatate the middle row with 2 ceiling fans or flush light fixture

Chris asks…

What is the absolute max and the absolute min of f(x) = 17 ?

What is the absolute max and the absolute min of f(x) = 17 ?

Administrator answers:

The absolute max = the absolute min = 17

Ken asks…

Can someone recommend a good dedicated photo printer for prints up to 11″ x 17″?

I’ve been shopping around; and some of the photo printers have weird specs. You can get some that will have a maximum of 8 1/2″ wide paper, with up to 35″ in length. I want to be able to print professional quality 11″ x 17” photos. What is a good photo printer that will do this–I am hesitant to buy those all-in-one deals.Also, don’t want to pay more than $400.

Administrator answers:

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 $400
Epson Stylus Photo R1800 $550
Epson Stylus Photo R2400 $850
Epson Stylus Photo 2200 not in production anymore. Refurbished price $447. This is what I have but I bought it new several years ago. I get great quality out of it.

Canon should have some as well

Mandy asks…

Will my 11 x 17 image be okay if I printed it at 130 DPI?

I created an image in Photoshop and unknowingly resized it, so now it’s only at 130 DPI. The pixel dimensions are 1430 x 2210 while the actual Document size is 11 x 17 inch. If I ultimately decided to print this on 11 x 17 paper, would it look awful, or would it still retain it’s sharp edged quality?

Administrator answers:

Hardly sharp edged, but how much detail and how much big areas of color. You can test it without blowing a large sheet of paper by cutting a region with diagonal lines and color boundaries that will fit on 8.5 x 11 and do it on a home printer.

Donna asks…

I have an window opening that is 27 7/8 inches x 17 3/16 inches – what is the square footage of this space?

I am trying to replace a window unit airconditioner with a piece of stain glass the size glass i need is 27 7/8 inches x 17 3/16 inches, The girl charges $55 per square foot. How many square feet is this?

Administrator answers:

L x W = area (12 x 12 = 144) 144 square inches = 1 square foot

Convert fractions to decimals then multiply

27.875 x 17.1875 =497.1015625

divide square inches by number of square inches in a square foot will equal the number of square feet

497.1015625 / 144 = 3.327 (rounded)

Helen asks…

Where can I go to print on 11 x 17 paper?

Hey guys:

I have some documents saved in 11″ x 17” format and I need all the room on the page so I can’t downsize it.

My printer doesn’t print this large so where can I go to print out the documents?

They are color, 11″ x 17” documents and I will need them on a high quality paper. I have to make around 13 of them so does anyone know what price I’m looking at?

Thanks in advance,


Administrator answers:

Using 32# color copy paper, and any commercial copier/printer, I would estimate it would cost about $1.50+ each. This is according to the prices at my local Copy Center. If the operator needs to do anything to your file it might cost more.
Call around to print and copy shops. Some private schools do work for the public and charge much less.

Jenny asks…

Do the 17 x 7 wheels from an Accord Euro fit a 99 Prelude ?

The Prelude has a 16 x 6.5 wheel with lots of clearance.

What are the offsets ?

If the bolt pattern is the same, what is the biggest tyre I can fit on the 17 x 7 rim ?

Anybody done this ? Pictures ?

Administrator answers:


JDM Honda Accord Euro R
Wheel Size = 17″x7″ 225/45 R17 90W
wheel bolt pattern = 5×114.3mm
wheel stud size = 12×1.5mm
center hub diameter = 64.1mm

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