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July 30, 2012

Ken asks…

When doing the Y2 – Y1 over X2 – X1 for finding gradients does it matter which way you put them?

For example: (-2, 0) and (-4,2) to work out the graident how do you figure out which x is x1 and which is x2?

Administrator answers:

try it out, the ans will be the same

David asks…

How do I break up a set of cement steps, while saving a large rock,(5′x2′x1′) that is encased it the cement?

This rock was part of a hitching post for horses years ago. 30 to 35 years ago it was used as part of a cement step to a porch. I and remodeling and am getting rid of the cement setps, but would like ot salvage to rock.

Administrator answers:

Depending on the rock type…you can weaken concrete by applying mild acids…vinegar or strong acids like muriatic (hydrochloric )…if the rock isn’t limestone then there should be minimal damage to the the concrete softens..chip it off and clean the rock once removed.

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