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November 27, 2012

Linda asks…

where can I buy a ground portafilter for a Francis Francis X1 expresso machine?

where can I buy a ground portafilter for a Francis Francis X1 expresso machine?

Administrator answers:

I am a bit confused as to the need of a portafilter with the Francis Francis X1 expresso machine. As I understand it the Francis Francis X1 expresso machine is a iperEspresso Capsule system which negates the need for a portafilter. Contact Illy USA for more info Order by phone: 1-877-469-4559

Daniel asks…

What should I know about a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 I’m about to buy??? Is it a good phone?

About to purchase a new mobile phone named the ‘new’ Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.
My two main questions:
1. Are they worth it, are they a good phone?
2. Do they come in any other colours apart from silver???

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Have you checked the sony ericsson on their website? If not, here it is. I love sony ericsson phones, specially because of their music capabilities. I have the 580i and i love it and i know that this phone you’re talking about it’s gonna be a lot better than the 580. Anyways here is the web site

Paul asks…

Utility is given by U = x1^2×2 . How much would the consumer would be willing to trade for a unit of good 2.?

U=x1^2×2 as in U equals x1 squared times x2 (good 1 = x1, good 2 = x2)
Anyone know how to solve this?

Administrator answers:


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