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December 28, 2012

Ruth asks…

Should I uninstall Sonar 8 before Installing Sonar X1?

I recently purchased Sonar X1 Studio, and now I’m just wondering if I should uninstall Sonar 8 before continuing with the x1 install. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You can install Sonar X1 without uninstall previous versions

Lisa asks…

How do I contruct a matrix that acts on a vector x to make it parallel to another?

How can you construct a nonzero 2×2 matrix A, so that Ax where x is <x1,x2> is always parallel to . Could you only do this by considering as parallel to ?

Administrator answers:

No, that can be done with infinitely many matrices in the form:
(a, b)
(2a, 2b), /a,b – arbitrary/
Now AX = (ax1 + bx2, 2ax1 + 2bx2) || (1, 2) /understand column-vectors here!/
If You denote as usual the 4 elements of A as a_11, a_12, a_21, a_22 and express
a_11*x1 + a_12*x2 = k
a_21*x1 + a_22*x2 = 2k /k – arbitrary, (k,2k) || (1,2)/
That leads to (2a_11 – a_21)*x1 + (2a_12 – a_22)*x2 = 0, the latter to be always satisfied requires both expressions in parenthesis to be 0, so the A’s 2nd row must be twice the 1st.

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