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February 2, 2013

Thomas asks…

What would be good plants for this spot?

I have spaces that are 5′x1‘. Looking for preferably evergreen flowering plants that grow 2′ to 4′ tall and not more than 2′ wide. Would like lots of year round color. The longer it flowers the better. Winter berries for the birds would be good also. Maybe color change in the fall too. The spot gets full sun during the day. I am in Northern California, Sacramento area. Probably asking for a lot. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I had a yard with long narrow beds and I wanted a tidy but interesting look so I put in herbs of all types and colors. Most herbs bloom modest little flowers, but they stay tidy looking for a few years, most have good manners and don’t take over the yard, and you can use them in your cooking. Go beyond basil and parsley, try hyssop, lavenders, tri-colored sage, thyme, dill, and rosemary. Lamb’s ears are soft and fuzzy with pretty silver leaves. Lemon verbena and lemon balm have fragrant leaves, and there are lots of different types of scented geraniums out there as well. I had fun finding dozens of different herbs to fill the garden. Watch out for the mints though, they will take over the world.

Some minature roses would be a good choice as well, you can enjoy the flowers and the birds can eat the rose hips in the winter.

For more immediate pop, mix up the plantings pansies and nasturtiums for color–and the flowers are edible so you can toss some in your next salad and impress your friends.

The best part is these are low maintenance, mulch with some bark, water, and enjoy.

Lisa asks…

What are the best screws to use for remounting a wooden transom to an aluminum jon boat?

It has huge 1/4 x1 1/2 rivets in it now and i can’t find them anywhere. I was wondering what to use instead and if i used regular bolts what kind of sealant to use. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Aluminium and stainless, not a good match.
If you want this to be a long term fix and stainless is the only fastening you can get, I would suggest you have a nylon insert and washer where the stainless bolts would make contact with the aluminium.
Yes, 5200 is a ideal sealant and if you use “5200 rapid cure” it will go off over night.

Joseph asks…

How do you find the center of an equilateral triangle?

If you have an equilateral triangle with the point coordinates of (x1, y1), (x2, y2), and (x3, y3), I need to find the coordinates of the middle point of the triangle. None of the sides of the triangle are running parrallel with either the x axis or y axis.

I really hope someone can help me with this since I have been trying to do it for a couple of hours now :) Thanks in advance.
Just to mention, I’m looking to do this to add it to a program I’m making, so I really need some kinda of formula that will let me take the coordinates of the corner points and come out with the coordinates of the center point. :) Cheers.

Administrator answers:

The center of a triangle is 2/3 the distance from the midpoint of one edge to the the opposite vertex.

So do use pythagorus with c=y2-y1, b = 1/2 (y3-y1) to find a

a= sqrt([y2-y1]^2+[1/2 (y3-y1)]^2)

a will be the length from the midpoint to the opposite corner so you just take 2/3

So the centre will be

2/3 [sqrt([y2-y1]^2+[1/2 (y3-y1)]^2)] from vertex y1

Hope it helps.

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