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February 14, 2013

Donald asks…

what color paint would work best in my powder room? I want the room to POP?

My powder room is tiny with high ceilings, no windows, with 1″x1” light grey unflattering tiles on the floor. I would love to add some color to the walls and add some element of interest. Unfortunately, anything too permanent including wallpaper or changing the floor tiles is out of the question because I am a renter.

Administrator answers:

To make your bathroom appear larger than it is consider painting it a cool colour (ex blues, greens.etc) It will really brighten up the room. You can also make the room seem larger by painting the room all one colour then going back over it, section off horizontal strips and paint between them with a clear gloss. It adds class and will balance the super high ceilings without being to harsh on the eyes

Maria asks…

What are the PCI slots for the HP Compaq DC5100 Small Form Factor Desktop?

What is the best graphics card for this computer? I see the small PCI express x1, but there are two other pci slots. What are the other two, and can I use them for an USB 3.0 expansion and wireless card.
I’m not a pc gamer. I use my PS3 for all my gaming. I just want to improve this computer.

Administrator answers:

Yes, the other 2 PCI slots are just standard slots. The best graphics card for that would be due to it requiring a low-profile card.This card is also a tad faster than the fastest PCIe x1 card you could get.

I suggest this USB 3.0 adapter:

And this wireless card:

All come with low-profile brackets to fit your computer.

John asks…

How much should I charge someone to use my music equipment to create a beat?

Someone would like to use my Equipment, (the machine and cakewalk sonar x1 producer) to create a beat. How much should I charge them? They do not want me to create it they want to creat their own beat.
Should I charge per beat or per hour? How much per beat and how much per hour?

Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

What is the net force exerted by two charges on a third charge?

Consider two point charges located on the x axis: one charge, q1= -17.0 , is located at x1= -1.685 ; the second charge, x2= 34.5 , is at the origin (x=0.000). What is the net force exerted by these two charges on a third charge q3= 52.0 placed between q1 and q2 at x3 = -1.245 ?

Administrator answers:

You didn’t include the units so I’m assuming distances are in meters and charges are ?C

Now q1 and q2 both create a force to the left on q3

So F = k*q1*q3/r13^2 + k*q2*q3/r23^2

= 9.0×10^9*(17×10^-6*52×10^-6/(1.685 – 1.245)^2 + 34.5×10^-6*52×10^-6/1.245^2) = 51.5N to the left

Donna asks…

How do we solve to find end point on graph if given mid point and start point?

thanks lets say start is (5,11)
and mid point is (2,8)

formula of midpoint: X1+X2 over 2, Y1+Y2 over 2

what do we do after we plug in our starting point? for X1 and Y1?
but woudnt that be creating another start point?
wait howd u get the first pair of numbers on your first line (2,8)

Administrator answers:

You go find the ending point ^.^ seriously though, i need your cell phone number. I accidentally deleted it. What the bishlaka?

K. To find the other point [ending point],

there’s the “x” and the “y”

to find x ending point
since you don’t have the other x part (the ending point) y =, just rename it as x
(5 + x) /2 = 2 <—————-the 2 is the midpoint for the x

********so x = -1
for the y end point

(11 + y)/2 = 8

*********so y = 5
therefore the endpoint is (-1,5)
all you have to do is plug it in

if you say the midpoint formula is "X1+X2 over 2, Y1+Y2 over 2"

you already have x1, which is 5, but not x2, so just do what you normally do. And since you have the midpoint (2), just plug it in.

Linda asks…

What is the average velocity of the problem below?

A rolling ball moves from x1 = 4.0 cm to x2 = -4.2 cm during the time from t1 = 3.6 s to t2 = 6.1 s.
Answer has to be in cm/s.

Administrator answers:

V= av velocity = (X2-X1)/(T2-T1) = – 0.2 / 2.5 = -0.08 cm/s

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