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February 27, 2013

David asks…

What is the best blogging software to use on a ppc mobile device?

Looking for software that will help me add entries to my yahoo 360 blog from my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Will making a word doc then copy and paste be fine or is there a piece of software out there to help me with this…?

Administrator answers:

I’ve used a program called cellspin, it works with a number of blog sites, although I haven’t checked to see if it works with yahoo 360

Linda asks…

Is this enought light to fill a room 99 ft by 45 ft with soft lighting for a reception?

The overhead flourescent lights will all be turned off. I will have approximately 220 candles, with 18 1′x1‘ mirrors under some of them. lots of white christmas and net lights. two floor lamps with the glass frosted shade that points upward.
And there will be some dj dance lights

Administrator answers:

That sounds like plenty of light. I am assuming that you will have candles on tables, at least 4 per table should be good light for a table that seats 8 as long as the candles are bigger than tea lights.
The christmas lights will light the space nicely along with the 2 floor lamps.

Susan asks…

What instrument would work good with these?

Some friends and I are playing a song, and we currently have two instruments, a piano and a viola, playing the song. the theme of the song is storms, and the piano has a few parts by itself (opening x2, body x1, and the viola plays simultaneously with the piano for the body twice. What other instruments could benefit the song? We were thinking of adding a trumpet player, then possibly setting up a beat program or finding a drummer. We may add in vocals, but it remains to be seen. What do you think would work well with the song?

Administrator answers:

Assuming this is a classical piece (as you are posting this in classical) I would say, add a horn player. I love the sound of a horn and a viola playing together, although there hasn’t been much written for that combination. Unless you’re talking about a percussionist to play various instruments to embellish the sound, a drummer on a set would sound silly. There’s my two cents.

Robert asks…

Will an xbox 360 turtle beach headset work in the ps3?

I have turtle beach earforce x1‘s for my xbox, and am planning on buying a ps3. I want to know if they will work in the ps3, since they both have usb ports.

Administrator answers:

Doubt it. And last time i checked, ps3 doesnt have good voice chat anyway, if at all. But not sure about that. But yeah, i doubt it will work. It was made for xbox.

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