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April 18, 2013

Paul asks…

How do I make the following function in Excel?

Let’s say I select cell “X1” and want to give it a value based on another cell. For instance:

If A1=1, then X1=845681346
If A2=2, then X1=325646898
If A3=3, then X1=352346577

(Yeah, those are just random values)

How do I express that in excel after pressing Alt+F11?

Administrator answers:

In X1 type this: =IF(A1=”1″,845681346,0)

845681346 in this case is your TRUE value
0 is your FALSE value

read as:

If A1 = 1, then put 845681346 in X1. Otherwise, put 0 in X1.

Sharon asks…

How to contextually interpret a confidence interval for a two population study?

my confidence interval is 328 to 569 studying two populations with a x1-x2= 400 (the center of the graph). How could i contextually interpret this (the study was who scores higher on standardized tests men or women)

Administrator answers:

ANSWER: Difference in sample means = 400 is not disproven even for measurement in the confidence interval.

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