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May 2, 2013

George asks…

How to put the distance formula 1 and 2 numbers in microsoft word?

I know ALT + 227 is the pi symbol, i’m looking for answers like that.

In the distance formula, you have (X1+X2), but the 1 and 2 are smaller and a little under the X, so what are the shortcut keys i need to put them? Thanks for any answers!

Administrator answers:

Highligh 1, right click, choose font, tick subscript.

Donald asks…

Does my husband need a schengan visa. We are going on cruise ship/ferry to Spain and getting off for x1 day?

Getting off for x1 day and back on ship back to uk. will they even check passports for this?

Does anyone know.

Administrator answers:

From the tone of your question you are traveling with either Brittany Ferries or P&O, in which case contact their helplines for the information you require. Telephone numbers below

Brittany Ferries – 0044 (0)8705 360360
P&O – 0044 (0)870 600 0600

Sharon asks…

I have incorrectly purchased an MK intermediate light switch and want to wire it 2way?

Can this be done? ie use x1 2way light switch and x1 intermediate light switch to operate the light in a 2way configuration? I stupidly bought the wrong light switch and appreciate that intermediate switches are for 3 switches. doh.

Administrator answers:

No it wont work completely,it will work when you switch on the first 1 gang 2way switch,light will come on,but switch off at intermediate switch,you will then not be able to switch back on at 2 way,.would it not be easier to take it back and swap it,or just buy a new one,mk is not that expensive nowadays.

Ruth asks…

How would i find the equations of the following lines?

I know the formulas y-y1=m(x-x1)

The questions are

1. Is parallel to 2x+3y=8 and passes through (5,4)

2. Is perpendicular to y= – 1/2x+3
and has a y-intercept
of -2

I can do other question using this formula but these are giving me a hard time.

Administrator answers:

1) Parallel means they have the same slope. You need to find the slope of 2x + 3y = 8
To find the slope, solve for y.
2x + 3y = 8
Subtract 2x from each side
3y = -2x + 8
Divide both sides by 3
y = (-2/3)x + 8/3
The slope is m = -2/3
Now use your point.
(y-4) = (-2/3)(x-5)

2) Perpendicular means the slopes are negative reciprocals.
The slope of y = (-1/2)x + 3 is -1/2
The negative reciprocal of -1/2 is 2.
Since you are given that -2 is the y-intercept, you can use the y-intercept equation.
Y = mx + b
y = 2x – 2

Carol asks…

How do you connect a Turtle Beach to your PC?

I have a Turtle Beach EarForce X1 that I use to ‘play like a pro’ on my Xbox 360. I recently tried plugging it into my laptop to record a commentary using the Audacity feature but to no avail. Anybody help me out ?

Administrator answers:

Pulg it in the back i think

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to have a shower professionally re-tiled?

I have a 3′x’3′ shower that needs new tile, and while I am at it I would like to replace the door and faucet/showerhead hardware. Ideally I would like to use a dark stone surface with dark grout. Small tiles (like 1″x1” or similar.) Any thoughts on how much I should budget would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

If you hired me to contract the job for you…I would want to strip off the old tile and resurface what ever is behind the existing tile….if you wanted any type of guarentee.
So we start with 1.5 days labor….disposal fees…and material
for a new sound clean surface to install the tile….one person before stated the 12X12 sheets are easy to install, which is very true…this part you would have no trouble doing yourself…..just pay attention to the layout….chalk lines and recheck for plumbness and level….If you hire out this isn’t all that labor intenseive but it is a 2 trip job so you would have to pay some to tile and then to come back the next day to grout…so we are at 3 days labor plus whatever materials….screwing on the new fixtures and installing the door .5… we have approx 28 total hours @ what ever labor price is your area plus whatever materials are involved….I suggest buying quality fixutures and a quality door….you get what you pay for… total around $1600

what about the floor….and the area as you step into the shower itself

Thomas asks…

What is the definition of a small, medium and large tattoo ?

A small is probably 1″x1“, but what sizes would be called medium and large ? Obviously sleeves and the like aren’t really a single tattoo, so they are exempted. e.g. Would a palm sized tattoo be medium or large ?

Administrator answers:

A palm sized tattoo would qualify as meduim in my book..
But it depends on how much detail you want and where you go.. Call different tattoo places and see

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