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May 3, 2013

Susan asks…

Is it possible to grow okra in flower boxes?

I read that it’s ideal for backyard gardens but I live in Brooklyn with no back yard. I want to grow something edible out of the flower boxes I have…they’re about 2 feet x 1 x1…would that be enough soil to sustain even one okra plant?

Administrator answers:

Why not try dwarf okra.

They only get to be about 1/3 of the size of regular okra. There are many websites that will sell you seed or even starter plants.

Lisa asks…

Is the Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 coming to Rogers before Christmas?

i was looking at the X1 and its a really sweet cell phone. I heard it was coming to Canada, but when and on what Carrier?

Administrator answers:

Im also hoping it. I think it is better to check their official website

David asks…

What is the electrical potential energy of this system of charges?

Two point charges of magnitude 4.0 ?C and -4.0 ?C are situated along the x-axis at x1 = 2.0 m and x2 = -2.0 m respectively. What is the electrical potential energy of this system of charges?

Administrator answers:

Electric potential energy is of scalar quantity.


U = K Qq /r

U = (9e9 * 4 * -4 ) / (4)


Helen asks…

How do you get a Sharpie pen stain out of a white cotton sweatshirt?

So my white sweatshirt got black sharpie marker stain on it as someone who used the dryer before me forgot to check their pockets and the sharpie leaked, and got onto my sweatshirt.
Do you know any way to get it out?
I tried “shout gel” and that had some effects but it is still visible. its about a 1″x1” mark and Im going to try bleach soon, but do you have any other ideas?


Administrator answers:

Try some rubbing alcohol…

Ken asks…

How do i find a quadratic equation using only 3 coordinates?

Im pretty sure 3 points are all you need to define a quadratic, so how do i do it?
i know the basic equation will be ax^2+bx+c, how do i find the a,b,c factors using only three sets of coordinates?
I cant plug in my coordinates because they will be variables. I want to find the equations for a,b,c expressed in terms of x1,x2,x3 and y1,y2,y3. Im making a program for bending moments in beams and i need to be able to plug in three coordinates and then get the quadratic equation given to me.

Administrator answers:

You set up a system of linear equations:


Note that in this case, a, b, and c are your variables and x1, x2, x3, y1, y2, and y3 are coefficients. This is the opposite of the way you normally think about quadratic equations, so be careful.

Once you have the system set up, solve it by any method (since you have the equations in standard form already, I would normally use elimination in this instance). The resulting quadratic will be y=ax²+bx+c .

Linda asks…

How to solve the Distance Formula using a variable ?

The distance formula is D= ?(x2-x1)+( y2-y1) . If given the values (1, a), (3, -2) and given the value of d, ?5, how would you solve it ?

Administrator answers:

Like this:

sqrt(5) = sqrt((3-1)^2 + (-2-a)^2)
sqrt(5) = sqrt(4 + (a+2)^2)
5 = 4 + (a+2)^2
1 = (a+2)^2

So a+2 = 1 or -1
So a = -1 or -3

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