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June 1, 2013

Betty asks…

How do you check the number of text messages sent/received?

I have the XPERIA X1, and I have T-Mobile service. I can check on the t-mobile site for how many minutes I used and text messages sent/received, but the numbers seem terribly wrong. I receive and send about 20 text messages a day, yet the t-mobile site says I have sent/received 59 total, over the past month. So, how do I check how many texts I’ve sent/received directly on my phone? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Use these short codes
to check minutes
#646# then talk

#225# then talk

text usage

Steven asks…

What happens when the distance formula yields zero?

Distance formula: d = [square root of(x2 - x1 {squared}) + (y2 - y1{squared})]

Line segment AB, the 8 from the B goes in x2, the 4 from the A goes in x1, the 4 from the B goes in y2, and the 8 in the A goes in y1. 8 – 4 equals 4, 4 – 8 equals -4. Four plus negative four is zero…

What do I do when the distance formula equals zero, because 0 squared equals zero, and the square root of zero is zero! I know that the distance is eight between the two points, but I need to show my work (I used this as an example, the real work has different but similarly proportional coordinates), did I do something wrong, or is there an extra step in the distance formula?

Administrator answers:

You square them, and the square of a negative number is positive. So, 4^2 + (-4)^2 = 16 + 16= 32, so the distance is actually ?32, or 4?2

Helen asks…

How do I find the slope of an equation when no equation is given?

I must find the slope-y-intercept equation, and the slope. I know the slope formula is m=y2-y1/x2-x1.

But, all I am given is the y-intercept which is 3 and the x-intercept which is 0. So what would the equation and slope look like? Any help is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

If you are looking to find the slope of a line then you have your 2 points.

The y-interecept is where x=0 and the x-intercept is where y=0.

So if the y-intercept is 3 then you have the point (0,3) and if the x-intercept is 0 then you have the point (0,0).

If you use your equation you’ll find that the slope is 3/0 which is undefined and if you think about it you’ll realize the line is just the y-axis which is a vertical line.

Sandra asks…

My Turtle Beach X1′s are not letting me speak to my friends?

I bought a Turtle Beach X1 today to see if it was any good, and i connected it to my TV exactly as shown. Now, the sound works. I can hear the in-game music, and i can hear my friends, yet it says my mic isn’t in (when it is). I’ve asked my friends and they say they cant hear me, so i was wondering – anyone have any advice?

Administrator answers:

There should be a plug you have for your controller. If you dont have that, you can purchase it off the Turtle Beach site for like $10.00

Sharon asks…

What difference does physical size of capacitors make if the voltage and farads are identical?

I have an old stereo that needs new filter caps, the old caps are 3″ X 1.5″, the replacements are 1.75″x1.25″. Both are rated at 10000uf, 50Volts.

Administrator answers:

Ah, yes… Physical size on a capacitor is not much of a big deal, these
days, with all the new material used in the assembly of same.
A filter capacitor, in your case, your power supply requires the use of
two. This is because the power supply has a positive (and negative)
B+ Voltages. A good amplifier will have a good filter and then a good
regulator on the output leg(s) of said power supply. Me, I would go with
a higher voltage and the same value for the replacement of your old caps.
Try 80 Working Volts Direct Current (WVDC) @ 10kmfd. (10,000 micro
farads). A capacitor is likened to a battery. It will hold a charge, depending
on the space between the plates, and what is in that space. What’s in that
space is known as the “dielectric”. This is where the actual charge, or
chemical action happens between the plates. Oh, a little warning for you:
When replacing your filter capacitors, make sure that you have the polarity
correct, or your capacitors will get hot and vent, or may even explode,
creating a real mess of electrolyte all over inside of your unit. It will take
a few hours to properly remove the electrolyte from the circuit board(s), as
well as surrounding components. I’ve done it myself, many years ago. You
don’t want to have to go through with that, trust me. Oh, yes… The higher
the voltage on a capacitor will change the materials selected as a dielectric.
Some capacitors will use mica as it’s dielectric, or even air. Most filter caps,
like the ones that you want to replace, will dry out, with age. This may take
from 20 to 50 years to happen, and will happen a lot faster when exposed to
excessive heat and / or direct sunlight. I used to play with high voltage caps
in the day…. …used to charge one up to about 500 volts and let some poor
kid grab it and watch him fly across the room. Don’t even think about trying
this, ever! Back in the seventies, it was funny, but today, it could cause a
serious injury because of the fact that kids nowadays are always washing
their hands in school in fear of catching some cold / flu virus. A high voltage
capacitor should have a “bleeder resistor” or a piece of wire tied across it’s
terminals to keep personnel safe when handling and storing in box / on shelf.
Always discharge a capacitor before working on any part of the unit, once
the case has been removed. Even low voltage power supplies are never an
exception, because of microprocessors could be exposed to an accidental
static discharge, turning said unit into a boat anchor. I hope this is of some
help to you and yours. Feel free to e-me. Happy Holidays!

Ruth asks…

Can the X31 Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset be used on the computer as a mic also?

I would like to make commentaries on my Xbox 360 games, but I do not have a mic. My headset’s cheaper model, the X1‘s can be used on the computer, but the X31′s cannot be. How do I connect it to the computer so I can talk into the mic for commentaries?

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You can connect the PC sound card output to the X31 transmitter input and hear the PC sound. To connect the mic, you’ll need to connect an XBOX wired controller to the PC USB port and connect the headset to the controller with the talkback cable.

In February, Turtle Beach plans to offer a splitter cable to connect the headset directly to the PC mic input so you won’t need the controller. Check the accessories section of the X31 web pages for details when it’s available in February. Here’s the link where it will be posted as soon as it becomes available:

Mandy asks…

This ones for you welders out there?

I’m building a 1′x1x1‘ safe/lockbox. this will be made of 1/4 steel so pretty heavy. I need some input on some heavy duty hinges and clasps. Im fabricating the whole thing so the skys the limit. I’m trying to keep it simple, so probly just gonna use master locks for locking. Thanks for your input.

Administrator answers:

Try these links below. The bilco link is a little slow, be patient. Hope it helps.

Richard asks…

What is considered an unsafe temperature for a laptop CPU?

I’ve got an Asus G1SN-X1 laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo T5550, and it’s been running at 140-144 degrees on full performance, but I’m not taxing the CPU with games or music. I’ve had it as hot as 180 degrees, and the CPU limit is 185. When I first boot it, it’s at 100 degrees.

Is it running too hot? If so, how can I cool it down?
Temperature information was obtained using Core Temp.
It’s only 6 months old, and I just ran a heavy process to test it, and it achieved 184 degrees, so I’m unsure….
Oh yeah, temps are listed in degrees F, not Centigrade.

Administrator answers:

If it is displayed in fahrenheit your 100 – 37.77777777777778 degrees celsius , 140 – 144 is 60 – 62.22222222222223 degrees celsius , 180 – 82.22222222222223 degrees celsius,normally my laptop gets only to 55 degrees eventhough i run games and other prgrams at the same time…you should better let it checked or if it still has a warranty take it back to where you bought it.
Oh and try to check its CPU temperature in the BIOS if it goes higher than 60 in start up then you dont take the problem lightly it’ll burn up your CPU or reduced your CPU life,probably it’ll die soon. A CPU that operates at lower temperature is much better that in higher temperature.
Hope this helps ^_^

Thomas asks…

What is the analytic proof of the pythagorean theorem?

I know an analytic proof uses the coordinate plane so I assume I would pick A, B, and C to be points (x1,y1), (x2,y2), and (x3,y3) but I don’t know where to take it from there to get to a^2+b^2=c^2. Please help.

Administrator answers:

A,B,C are not points.. That’s your problem. A,B,C are the DISTANCES between the two points. You are stuck because of this mistake.

Take any right triangle with coordinates X, Y, Z (points in the plane). Say they have side lengths A, B, and C.

So you can consider a to be the vector from X to Y. Let b be the vector from X to Z. Then the vector from Y to Z is c, but c is precisely b-a. This is AS VECTORS not scalars.

Now let ? Be the dot product and |v| denote the length of vector v. Recall:

        |v|² = v?v

Then you know:

        |c|² = |a-b|² = (a-b)?(a-b) = a?a – 2(a?b) + b?b.

But a and b are perpendicular. Their dot product is: A0+0B=0. Thus:

        |c|² = a?a – 2(a?b) + b?b = a?a + b?b = |a|² + |b|²

But by definition, |a|=A, |b|=B, |c|=C. So:

        C² = |c|² = |a|² + |b|² = A² + B²


Note: You should not use the distance formula — that relies on the Pythagorean theorem. One could argue that this proof also relies on the Pythagorean theorem, however this is not quite true. The norm and dot product on the plane are not intrinsic to geometry, and often are assumed to be as I have stated — without proof from the Pythagorean theorem.

Either way, the geometric proofs are MUCH better.

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