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June 6, 2013

Ruth asks…

How to find the displacement of the object?

An object initially at x1 = 5.0 m changes its posiiton to x2 = 12 m. What is the displacement of the object?

Administrator answers:

Displacement is the change in position so it’s 7m

James asks…

Is there an adhesive or glue that will attach Velcro to denim?

I want to attach a 1″X1” square velcro to the inside if a watch pocket on a pair of Levi type denim pants. It’s a very awkward place to sew anything, so I’m looking for a glue or something permanent that won’t come off in the washer/dryer. All suggestions much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Velcro makes an iron-on that works well.

Make sure the item has been washed and no fabric softener has been used when using adhesive products on fabric.

Thomas asks…

Worried about wood rot in a home I want to buy with a hfa loan?

The house has two 1.5in x1.5 in areas of wood rot on the wood above the stucco before the roof on the side of the house. Will this prevent me from getting the FHA loan if the appraiser sees it. I am in florida.
The house is bank owned so they will not do a repair.

Administrator answers:

From the size of the area you are describing it should not effect the appraisal value, unless the appraiser believes it is just a symptom of a much bigger issue….in which case you should maybe have a concern yourself.

That said, small areas of dry rotted wood are not that big an issue. You can always replace the wood that is affected. However, is the wood affected is mostly good a common fix is to dig out all the lose rotted wood you can….dig and scrap until you reach hard more solid wood. You then use a wood hardener and treat the area. This will seal and harden the remaining wood. Then you would either use a 2-part epoxy filler of even body filler (yes, the kind that is used to repair cars – Evercoat has some very good fillers) and rebuild the area and shape it to the wood with sculpting and sanding. This is rather easy – even more than you might think…just takes a little time and is done in steps. After you have repaired the area, prime and paint to add additional protection.

Bonus – epoxy and filler will not rot and are a permanent solution.

But for such a small area, I would not worry about the inspection or appraisal unless they bring it up as a concern of something bigger going on.

Hope this helped.

Sandy asks…

What is the best football helmet on the market?

Next year, Im going to get either an Ion 4d, Xenith X1, or Revo Speed. What are some pros/cons of each?

Administrator answers:


Robert asks…

Will the nvidia geforce gts 450 work on my pc?

I have intel core i3 processor 4gb ddr3 ram and a motherboard having a pcie x1 slot.( not the pcie x16) so will it work? Or what adjustments should i make?

Administrator answers:


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