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June 14, 2013

Betty asks…

How do you make X the subject and find the value of X?

45^x1/2 – 5/2x^3/2 = 0

I need to find X and then substitue it to get the Y coordinate but I am confused on how to find what the value of X is. I don’t know what to do here.

Step By Step instructions would be much appreicated!

Administrator answers:

45/2 x^½ – 5/2 x³?² = 0 (add 5/2 x² to move it to the other side)

45/2 x^½ = 5/2 x³?² (multiply everything by 2)

45x^½ = 5x³?² (divide by 5)

9x^½ = x³?² (divide by x^½)

9 = x³?² / x^½
this is the same as:
9 = x^(3/2 – 1/2)

9 = x^1
so x = 9

Chris asks…

How do I repair a scrape on my off-white leather couch?

I have a light beige/off-white leather couch where the finish has been sraped off during moving- about 1″x1/2″ in size. How and with what should I try to color it with?

Administrator answers:

If you use shoe polish type products it will come off on your clothes and will not last very long. You need to get a special colour matched product which is called pigment touch up from LTT. This will colour match exactly which is what is required. This product also has a finish in it wihich will replace the finish that has been removed thus leaving it like the rest of the suite.

Full instructions are always sent with the product and it is easy to use.

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