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July 15, 2013

Paul asks…

Will 2 video cards work on my machine different slots?

I have one video card on my pci express 2.0 x16 slot its an ATI. I wanted to add a cheaper video card for another monitor. My computer also has a pci x1 and pci 4x slot. Can i add another video card to those slots So i can connect a second monitor.

Administrator answers:

X16 is not backwards-compatible. With X4 They decided to make x8 non-backwards-compatible with x4.

Michael asks…

What kind of Video card should I get?

This pc has 1 pci x1 slot and 3 regular pci slots. I’m beginning to realize there’s not a whole lot of options. The onboard video is “ati radeon express 200″. What would be a good card that would be better than the onboard graphics?

Administrator answers:

For x1 PCIe, here are a few options:

For PCI, here are the options (cheaper):

But take note that x1 PCIe is almost twice faster than PCI bus.

Jenny asks…

What is the best headset to buy for xbox gaming?

I have 200 dollars from christmas and want to buy a headset as my turtle beach x1 broke after 1 year of use. I want to buy something within the range of 200 dollars. I just want to know should I get triton, turtle beach, or astros? thx for the help

Administrator answers:

I like the official wireless xbox headset just fine. The sound quality is great and it has a large and small earpiece to make sure it fits. And it’s easier for people to hear me even though the microphone is farther away than on the wired headset.

Lisa asks…

How do I use black and white filters with black and white film?

i’m shooting on illford delta 400.
yellow filter with a factor of 2x

To my understanding, I have to add one stop. So it would be easier to just set the iso at 200 and keep shooting with the filter?

Green hoya x1 – 2 stops? i.e. iso 100 with 400 asa film?
BH dark red (filter factor 8x) – 3 stops? i.e. iso 50 with 400 asa film?

Administrator answers:

You don’t say what sort of camera you’re using or how you’re metering. If you are using a camera with through the lens (TTL) metering, you don’t typically need to adjust the ISO at all, because the filter is already being accounted for by the meter. If you are using a hand held meter or a camera that does not meter through the filter, then, yes, adjust the ISO setting on the meter.

It looks like you got the adjustments right for yellow and red. I’m not sure what went wrong with the green filter there — did you mean 4x? In that case, it would be 2 stops, yes. There is a good explanation of filter factor here:

Laura asks…

How do I remove the keys from my laptop?

I want to clean the area under the keys of my laptop but I’m not sure how to do that. Is that possible to do without breaking the keys? If it’s relevant I have a Dell Latitude X1. If you don’t know but could point me in the right direction to find out that would be great too. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Some pop off others don’t , just try using a powerfull vacuum cleaner, just don’t suck them off the keyboard!!!

Ruth asks…

What is the best pci graphics card for gaming?

I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and only has pci slots and i was wondering what is the graphics card. I am not talking about the pci express nor the 2.0 nor the x1.

Administrator answers:

Nvidia geforece 6200 with turbcache
ati radeon 2400

Linda asks…

When you’re finding the slope of a line how do you know which pair of point is x1 and y1?

I need to find the slope of a line with the points (9,0) and (-3,4). Is (9,0) or (-3,4) the pair with x1 and y1? Why? I’m confused. :(

Administrator answers:

Either could be x1 and y1. Just do 0-4/9–3. That would be y1-y2/x1-x2. So the answer should be -4/12 or -1/3 when simplified.

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