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February 2, 2013

Mary asks…

Rate/Tips for my Yu-Gi-Oh Psychic Deck?

This is made for the Sept.1.2009 ban list

Armored Axon Kicker x1
Overdrive Teleporter x2
Morphing Jar x1
Reinforced Human Psychic Borg x1
Destructotron x1
Sangan x1
Mind Master x1
Psychic Snail x1
Psychic Commander x3
Krebons x2
Psychic Jumper x2
Doctor Cranium x2
Telekinetic Shocker x2
Mind Protector x2

Brain Research Lab x1
Psi-Station x1
Psychic Sword x1
MST x1
Telekinetic Charging Cell x1
Brain Control x1
Lightning Vortex x1
Emergency Teleport x1
One For One x1
Psychokinesis x1
Telekinetic Power well x2
Cold Wave x2

Mirror Force x1
Solemn Judgment x1
Psychic Overload x1
Psychic Trigger x1
Michizure X1
Threatening Roar x1
Mind Over Matter x1
Psychic Tuning x1
Divine Wrath x1
Draining Shield x1
Psychic Rejuvenation x1
Bottomless Trap Hole x2

50 cards

Stardust x2
Thought Ruler x1
Magical Android x1
Goyo x1
Hyper Psychic BLaster x1
Black rose dragon x1
red dragon archfiend x1
psychic lifetrancer x1
Arcanite magicianx1

plz post tips on what synchros i may need to add.
plz post tips on what i need in my deck or any changes.

Administrator answers:

Pretty good.
I got a psychic deck but its not as good.
I do reccomend putting in Master Gig and Emmisary from Pandemonian
try to find Hyper Psychic Blaster and its assault mode and other assault mode spell and traps

good deck i give it a 7.5 out of 10
you would have beaten me any day

John asks…

Good synchro deck? (please rate 1-10, and tell me what to add and take out)?

This is non competitive,

Monsters x23
Junk Synchron x3
Turbo Synchron x1
The Tricky x1
Marauding Captain x2
Road Synchron x1
Quickdraw synchron x2
Rapid Warrior x1
Penguin Soilder x1
Luster dragon x1
Chainsaw insect x1
Sabersarus x1
Synchron explorer x1
Quilbot hedgehog x3
X-Saber Gallahad x2
X-Saber Airbellum x1
Fortress Warrior x1

Spells x14
Double Summon x1
Lightning Vortex x1
Battle Tuned x1
Warrior Returning Alive x3
Reinforcements of the Army x1
Giant Trunade x1
MST x3
Swords of Revealing Light x1
Monster Reborn x1
De-Synchro x1

Traps x11 (if i can get the 2 urgent tunings)
Mirror Force x1
Sakertsu Armor x2
Scrap Iron Scarecrow x2
Solemn Judgement x1
Magic Cyliner x1
Synchro Strike x1
Call of the Haunted x1
(Trying to get urgent tuning x2)

Total x48 (if there is urgent tungings)
Forgot my synchros

Extra Deck x11
Junk Warrior x2
Colossal Fighter x2
Road warrior x1
Turbo warrior x1
Nitro warrior x1
Stardust dragon x1
Junk Destroyer x1
X-Saber Wayne x1
Iron chain dragon x1

Administrator answers:

I think it has too many useless cards. Swords of Revealing Light is pretty much lame unless your deck mainly revolves around a stalling tactic like Exodia or Final Countdown. Magic Cylinder and Mirror Force are also pretty much crap. I think “Tunning” is a useful spell for the synchron tuners. You might want to even try Machine Duplication, along with Tunningware. Dandylion would be a great addition too.

Also, is this deck supposed to be tournament legal, because Giant Trunade is banned?

I’d rate this a 6 out of ten.

Chris asks…

What is the fastest accelerating car on GT5?

looking for buying and tuning tips on the fastest accelerating car and probably the lightest i would say so i can accelerate faster out of the corners.

Administrator answers:

The redbull x1 or now named redbullx2010
you can unlock the Vettel challenge at level 30 a spec or b spec and you only need to get bronze to get it but you get slightly different liveries for silver and gold
you can also buy it at level 40
they also give it to you at level 35 b spec
this car will beat anything in gt5 as it is designed to be the fastest race car without any restrictions to limit it.
Another good car is the 66 cobra, 458, formula gt, f2007 and f60, Minolta Toyota won in like the wind a spec.

Sharon asks…

How do I port a subbox?

I recently purchased a sony xplod sub.I know they’re not the best but its all I could afford at the time.I also bought one of those do it yourself enclosire kits.Instead of screwing it together though I glued and brad nailed it together.My question is now.Can I now take that box and port it?I have an old Alpine amp 100w rms x1 @4ohms bridged and I was told if I ported my box I would get louder bass.If so how do I determine how large and how long of a tube to use?

Administrator answers:

Http:// allot of people tune the port to 37 hz

Helen asks…

Whats the best motherboard i can get for under £100?

I’m planning to get a phenom ii x 4 CPU model and i already have an atx case with an Nvidia GTX 550ti, i now just need a new motherboard.

Asus are generally good since you get just enough bang for your buck, but i was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for me.

It does need to be under £100 since i’m on a tight budget :)

thanks guys.

Administrator answers:


ASUS Unique Selling Points -

ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM:
DIGI+VRM – Industry leading Digital 6+2 Phase Power Design
EPU with Switch
TPU with Auto Tuning and TurboV: Providing simple steps to easy overclocking.
UEFI BIOS(EZ Mode): Flexible & Easy BIOS Interface.
Front Panel USB 3.0 Support: Easy storage access.
MemOK!: Quickly ensures memory boot compatibility.
AI Suite II: One-stop Access to All Innovative ASUS Software.
Ai Charger+: Ensure reliable mobile phone charging.
ASUS Q-Connector: Easily access your PCI-E connectors.
ASUS Q-Shield: Protect yourself from EMI.
ASUS Q-Slot: Make Connection Quick and Accurate!
ASUS Q-DIMM: Make Connection Quick and Accurate!
O.C. Profile: Allows you to store multiple Bios images.
EZ Flash 2: Easily update your systems bios firmware.
ASUS MyLogo 2: Customize your boot screen.
Precision Tweaker 2: Easily tune your PC system performance.
Fan Xpert: Smart thermal control via fan speed detection.
Key specification

Form Factor: ATX Form Factor, 12″x 9.6″ (30.5cm x 24.4cm)
Socket: AMD Socket AM3+ for FX™ / Phenom™II / Athlon™II / Sempron™ 100 Series Processors Including 8-Core.
Chipset: AMD 990X / SB950 Chipset
Graphics interface: 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots (Single@x16 speed; Dual@x8/x8 speed)
Expansion Slots: 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (Black@x4 speed), 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1 slots, 1 x PCI slot.
Multi GPU: Supports NVIDIA® Quad-GPU SLI™ and ATI® Quad-GPU CrossFireX™ Technology.
Memory: 4 x DIMM, max. 32GB, DDR3 2133(O.C.)/2000(O.C.)/1800(O.C.)/1600/1333/1066 MHz, ECC and non-ECC, un-buffered memory, Dual channel memory architecture
Audio: Realtek® ALC 892 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC
LAN: Realtek® 8111E Gigabit LAN controller
Storage: 6 x SATA 6Gb/s ports with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 2 x SATA 3Gb/s ports, 1 x Power eSATA 3Gb/s port, 1 x eSATA 3Gb/s port.
USB: 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports at mid-board for front panel support, 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports at back panel (blue).
Manageability: WfM 2.0, DMI 2.0, WOL by PME, WOR by PME, PXE

Daniel asks…

How does Mercedes name their cars?

I know that BMW has badges which mean specific things like the C badge means it’s a two-door coup and the numbers usually indicate the size of the engine. Does Mercedes follow a similar guideline and if so what is it?

Administrator answers:

If you compare BMW’s to Mercedes

BMW has 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X1 X3, X5, X6 Z4 series

Mercedes has A, C, E, S, CLS, CL, SLK, SL, R, GLK, M, GL, G Class

What competes with what….

Size : BMW / Mercedes

Small : 1 and A

Subcompact: 3 and C

Midsize: 5 and E

Large: 7 and S

2 door coupe: Z4, 6 and CL, CLS,

SLK, SL, SLS are roadsters

Mercedes has more SUV’s and Crossovers than BMW..

Mercedes has GLK, M, GL, G, R while the BMW has X1, X3, X5, X6

As for numbering on the side goes…

You will typically see this in all luxury cars.

Lets say for 6 cylinders.

Mercedes C350: C means C Class for Mercedes, 350 is the engine cc. This car has a 3.5L V6

BMW 330ci: 330 is divided up into two 3 is 3series while the the 30 means the engine size…as for the new BMW 335i, I know it has a 5, thats an upgrade for the 330-335. If you see an xi on the BMW, thats AWD. C on BMW means its a convertible.

Lexus does the same thing: IS250, 2.5L V6, IS350 3.5L V6

Infiniti: G35, 3.5L V6 VQ35HR, G37 VQ37HR

Audi: A4, 4 is for the cylinders of the car, A6 6cylinders A8 8cylinders

Only Acura doesn’t follow what others do, They have TL TSX RL

As for sports division goes….

BMW has ///M which stands for Motorsports.

Mercedes has /////AMG which stands for Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach

Mercedes owns AMG while AMG owns another tuning company, its called Black Series, and those cars give all BMW ///M run for their money.

Which is better….thats another whole new topic but I can tell you both have its ups so picking actually goes to driver.

Mercedes AMG usually have M156 6.2L AMG engine which is currently replaced with a M157 5.5L AMG with twin turbo for improvements in emission, fuel economy, and performance. All AMG vehicles have a typical exhaust, which is mind boggling, and no other car companies can compete with.

Some expensive mercedes will have a badge called V12 Biturbo, thats a 6.0L V12 with twin turbo.

Also the 6.3 AMG badge you will notice is not based on the engine size, its to honor the first AMG car which had the 6.3L engine size. I think it was the Mercedes 300 SEL.

Hope that helps!!!

Linda asks…

How do i make my pocket bike go faster? for an x1 pocket bike (49cc)?

I am willing to invest a little bit of money, but not a new engine (too expensive)
Good stuff…but i have another question. Have you heard of boost kits (like the one here:
Do they work? do they give the promised speed increase?
Also, I found a high preformance sprocket here”

it goes from the standard 31 tooth sprocket to a 25 tooth sprocket. How much faster do you think it will go?

Administrator answers:

FINALY! A speed question, there are several ways to make it faster; if it’s a two stroke you could modify the exaust by installing a new muffler with removable baffle plates. This way you can actualy tune the engines power output! By adding or removing a plate less plates= more power, more plates= less noise/less power. But keep in mind, a two stroker must have some ” back preasure” to run good. I.e. The baffles. Or you could go for the sure fire and easyer way by changing the rear sprocket ratio (# of teeth) the higher the # of teeth the slower she’ll go, the lower # of teeth the faster. But only reduce the number of teeth a little for instance; if the rear sprocket has 40 teeth try a 36 . If you put too small of a sprocket back on the bike it will take to much power from the motor and mabee even burn out the clutch. So reduce gradualy. I’m tellin ya you’ll be amazed at it’s speed!

Charles asks…

What would work in a yu-gi-oh Synchro deck?

Now i really like those synchros what they have in 5d and stuff.
And i want to make a awesome synchro deck.
If you people would have some suggestions what cards to put in and also maybe a deck list if you want.
It’s a fun deck but with cards i can use in tournaments.

It would be very appreciated.
And no stupid comments please.
Best answer gets a 5 star thingie

Administrator answers:

Cauis the Shadow Monarch x2
Prime Material Dragon x1
Dark Resonator x3
Junk Synchron x2
Krebons x2
Bolt Hedgehog x2
Man-Eater Bug x2
The Tricky x1
Big Piece Golem x1
Cyber Dragon x1
Breaker the Magical Warrior x1
Spirit Reaper x1
Sangan x1
Morphing Jar x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1
Monster Reborn x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Heavy Storm x1
Brain Control x1
Instant Fusion x2
Battle Tuned x1
Ligtning Vortex x1
Book of Moon x2
Pot of Avarice x1

Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Torrential Tribute x1
Threatening Roar x2
Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

Thought Ruler Archfiend x1
Stardust Dragon x2
Red Dragon Archfiend x2
Colossal Fighter x1
Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth x2
Junk Warrior x3
Practical x1
Giltia the D. Knight x1

Hope this will help ya. GL btw


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